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Micron Engineer Only Trusts DriveSavers for Data Recovery

While visiting the DriveSavers booth at last year’s flash memory, Chris Thomas, an application engineer at DriveSavers partner Micron Technology, allowed us to interview him about his experience with DriveSavers.

When selecting DriveSavers for data recovery, Chris considers factors such as security, expertise, and customer satisfaction but, more importantly, values DriveSavers proprietary information and technology. When Chris dropped his personal hard drive and could no longer access the data, he feared the device might be unrecoverable. His industry knowledge and years of working for Micron, a data storage manufacturer, told him that “DriveSavers was the only company to go to” for data recovery.

Knowing DriveSavers was the best in the industry with advanced technology, he contacted us. Within a week, the DriveSavers data recovery engineers successfully recovered all his data, making him and his wife happy. Chris highly recommends DriveSavers to anyone needing data recovery for hard drives, SSDs, or any data storage device.


Jaci (DriveSavers): This is Chris with Micron and he is an application engineer and he happens to have a personal experience using DriveSavers and of course, because of Micron is a partner. So Chris, what do you think about when selecting a data recovery company? What are your primary concerns? Is it security? Is it expertise, satisfaction as a customer?

Chris (Micron): I think, well, certainly all of those are the most important, but as far as my own story’s concerned: I did have a drive that was in need of repair, whereas I had a bunch of data that was on there and it fell on the floor and it was, as far as I thought it was unrecoverable ‘cause all I got was errors all the time. And being at the trade shows and being in the industry, I knew that, you know, DriveSavers was the only company to go to. Not only being the best, but having the, information and the technology that I knew that they created, above and beyond. So, I called them, you know, put the drive in. It was only a week later they were able to recover all my information, my data.

Jaci (DriveSavers): Thank you so much, Chris for spending a little time with us and sharing your story. Would you recommend DriveSavers to anyone who might need our service?

Chris (Micron): Absolutely. I was happy. More importantly, my wife was happy, and it worked out well, and I couldn’t recommend it, more than, than, you know, to anybody. If you have any difficulty at all with any of your hard drive needs or now SSD needs or any storage device, that has to be the only place you.

DriveSavers Senior Marketing Manager
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