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Solid State Drive (SSD) Data Recovery Services

Since 1985, DriveSavers has been at the forefront of the data recovery sector. Despite their sophistication, SSDs can still fail, leading to a need for SSD data recovery services. Our experts offer innovative solutions for solid-state drives, solving challenges presented by even the most advanced storage technologies.

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Hundreds of Thousands of Customers Trust DriveSavers

Companies Worldwide Trust DriveSavers

DriveSavers supports over 20,000 business partners worldwide. Your business could be one of them! Some of our satisfied customers include companies such as Coca Cola, Facebook, Google, AT&T, Sony, NASA, and many others. Learn more.

Fast, Reliable, Secure

DriveSavers provides a comprehensive range of advantages in data recovery.

24—48 Hours

Industry-leading Standard turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours.

Call 24/7

Direct phone support with expert Data Recovery Advisors, available 24/7.

Diverse Service Options

A diverse range of service options to cater to every data recovery need.

Transparent Pricing

The first quote remains, ensuring no unexpected costs or hidden fees for services or parts.

Certified Secure

Stringent security certifications as mandated by the corporate clients, healthcare service providers, government agencies and individuals we serve.

Manufacturer Approved

All leading manufacturers authorize DriveSavers to open sealed storage device mechanisms without voiding the original warranty. Our data recovery allows you to receive an in-warranty device replacement from the manufacturer. Learn more.

X-Ray Technology

DriveSavers utilizes X-ray technology for precise diagnostics, identifying irregularities and critical damage in storage media without risking device integrity. Using X-ray technology expands our data recovery capabilities, confirms suspected component failure, and validates proficiency of ball grid array (BGA) rework. No other data recovery service has this advanced technology in its lab.

SSD Encryption

In the world of solid-state data recovery, encryption often stands as a double-edged sword. While many SSDs come encrypted as a standard feature—a reliable method to safeguard your data—it can also pose challenges when trying to recover that same data.

However, encryption isn’t a stumbling block for our team. Our specialists, trained meticulously in top encryption software, possess the expertise needed, especially when dealing with file and hardware-level encrypted data.

A Long History of Expertise with Apple Products

Having been in business for nearly four decades, DriveSavers has successfully recovered data from every type of Apple device, from the earliest Mac computers to the most current.

With Apple leading the global shift to NAND flash devices and SSDs, their recent laptops, smartphones, and tablets are widely used in professional settings. DriveSavers SSD data recovery service is optimally positioned to recover lost data from these prevalent storage mediums, providing a crucial solution for professionals who rely on these devices for critical information.

We Treat all of Our Customers Like Celebrities and
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Call DriveSavers Day or Night

We will email a free overnight shipping label and then call with the results of the evaluation and the cost to recover the data. If the data is unrecoverable or you choose to decline the recovery, your cost is zero dollars.

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