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Researcher Spills The Tea

Working long hours, at 4 a.m, researcher Dan Cortes M.D., Ph.D. accidentally spilled his tea on his computer containing his research and analysis. Knowing DriveSavers is his lab's data recovery partner - he knew who to call. Video Transcript Hello. My name is Dan Cortez. I live in Bar Harbor,…

Jared Carmo, Industrial Supervisor – Elk Grove, California

The power supply on Jarad’s computer, containing all his photos from his phones and digital cameras, burnt up. The local computer shop referred him to DriveSavers. Jarad now has all his irreplaceable digital memories back. Video Transcript Hi, my name is Jared Carmo from Elk Grove, California. I work at…

Safeguard Electronic Data Before and After Winter Storms

When severe weather threatens your home, school, or business this winter, don’t be caught unprepared. As rain clouds gather, the resulting storms, floods, power outages, and other damaging impacts of bad weather pose a very real threat to any unprotected data storage device. When storms generate massive power outages and…

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