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DriveSavers Recovered My Irreplaceable Data in Just 4 Days

Craig Simpkins, a finance professional from Kenosha, Wisconsin, experienced performance issues with his PC and took it to a local repair shop. The shop diagnosed a faulty hard drive and attempted to transfer the data but ultimately deemed it irreparable, resulting in the loss of several years of valuable personal and financial files.

After seeing a flyer for DriveSavers, Craig contacted them on a Saturday night and sent his hard drive via FedEx on Sunday. By Monday, DriveSavers had received and begun assessing it. Despite the HDD’s severe physical damage and data corruption, DriveSavers engineers successfully recovered all the data by Thursday, much to Craig’s relief. Craig highly recommends DriveSavers for their technical capabilities and learned the importance of regular data backups.


Hi, my name is Craig Simpkins. I live in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and I’m a finance professional for a fortune 100 company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Back in November, I started experiencing performance issues with my PC, so on a Friday afternoon, I decided to take it to the local PC repair store to have them assess what the issue was.

In a nutshell, they came back and said that the hard drive was shot and that they needed to replace it. Therefore, I gave them permission to go ahead and do that. Well, apparently there were issues with transferring the data from the old hard drive to the new hard drive. And I think after many attempts were made, the hard drive was destroyed and basically irreparable.

I had several years of pictures, personal financial files, and estate files that were stored on the computer, and unfortunately I had not updated it for a few months, and that was a critical period of time in which a lot of this data was from. Once I went back to the PC shop to pick up my computer, they basically said that there was nothing they could do with my hard drive and that was in pretty bad shape.

However, I saw a flyer for DriveSavers, so I did call and the experience was phenomenal. It was a Saturday night when I called DriveSavers. They walked me through the process of sending the hard drive, which I did via FedEx on a Sunday. I got a call from DriveSavers on Monday that they had received the hard drive.

They also told me that they were currently assessing it and would get back to me. And then I got a subsequent phone call on Tuesday to say the hard drive was in pretty bad shape, but they were going to do their best to recover the data. Happily, I got a call on Thursday that said all the data had been fully recovered and it was definitely a relief.

Based on my limited knowledge of DriveSavers technical capabilities, I would assume that there’s no task that they can’t complete. At the end of the day, you know, based on the diagnosis that I got of my hard drive with it being in the condition that it was, therefore, I think they can fix anything that gets put in front of them.

I would highly recommend DriveSavers to anyone who has suffered data loss. Again, at the end of the day, it was a lessons learned to make sure that data gets backed up more frequently when you move forward, but it’s also good to know that there’s an avenue to pursue in case you don’t follow through on that backup.

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