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DriveSavers is committed to supporting your data recovery needs worldwide during the COVID-19 crisis. We continue to provide in-lab data recovery. Call us at +1-800-440-1904.

DriveSavers provides unparalleled data recovery and digital forensic services for all removable media, including camera cards, floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray and USB flash drives.

Flash Drive Data Recovery Experts

Our engineers have the in-depth knowledge and technical expertise that comes from over 30 years of data recovery experience, allowing us to achieve the highest success rate in the industry.

All major removable media manufacturers refer their customers to DriveSavers. We routinely rescue data that other data recovery companies have deemed lost forever.

Close Affiliations with

Removable Media Manufacturers

Technical alliances with digital media manufacturers enable our engineers to develop proprietary techniques, tools and technologies that aid in data recovery from removable media. Call us 24/7 to get started with our USB flash drive data recovery service.

Lost Critical Data?

We Can Save It!®

Since 1985, companies around the world have relied on DriveSavers to recover lost data from removable media and other storage devices that have crashed, failed mechanically, become physically damaged or are logically corrupted. Clients such as Bank of America, NASA Goddard Space Center, the U.S. Department of Defense, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the Smithsonian Institution have all trusted DriveSavers with their critical data.

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