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DriveSavers Recovers Lost Data From Any Storage Device

Ever had tech mishaps like a drenched laptop or a frozen computer? Since 1985, DriveSavers has been at the forefront of data recovery services. Whether it’s hard drives, servers, or mobile devices, crashes, ransomware, or spills, we can help. Call now to retrieve your data.

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Mac Data Recovery

Ever since its inception in 1985, DriveSavers has been the beacon of hope for Mac users facing unexpected data disasters, be it due to malfunctions, accidental deletions, or even natural events like fires and floods. Leveraging our unique tools and deep-seated expertise, we've successfully retrieved data that many believed was gone for good. As we’re Apple Authorised and Certified, choosing our data recovery services in London or across the whole of the UK ensures your warranty remains intact. It's no wonder Apple Service Providers often recommend DriveSavers.


DriveSavers retrieves Android data, from photos, to contacts, to documents, regardless of the cause. Trust us for data recovery.


Windows data loss? DriveSavers retrieves all files including CAD, photos, and Office files reliably. Trusted UK data recovery services.



DriveSavers recovers data from various storage media, including vintage floppies and modern USBs.

Referred by All Storage Device Manufacturers

Worried about breaking seals on your storage devices? Breathe easy. Top manufacturers trust DriveSavers to handle their devices and ensure your data’s safety. They know you’re in good hands with DriveSavers.

Why Hundreds of Thousands of Our Customers Trust DriveSavers

We Treat all of Our Customers Like Celebrities, and
Some of Them Actually Are

Companies Worldwide Trust DriveSavers

Trusted by over 20,000 business partners across the globe, DriveSavers is the go-to name in data recovery services. Our clientele speaks volumes of our expertise, boasting renowned names like Coca-Cola, Facebook, Google, AT&T, Sony and even NASA. Considering data recovery services near you? Your business could be our next success story.

DriveSavers Offers Proof of Security Certifications

In today’s digital realm, many companies might claim expertise in data recovery, echoing our promises. But how many can genuinely back up their claims? At DriveSavers, we don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk by providing tangible proof of our security certifications. Curious about the difference? Learn more.

Who Will You Trust with Your Data Recovery?
We Can Save It!®


For nearly four decades, DriveSavers has been the beacon of hope for all things data recovery. From over 200,000 devices that have seen better days — think deletion, mechanical failures, or even the after-effects of a rogue coffee spill — we’ve been there and recovered that. So yes, the data can be recovered in cases even when you think it’s gone forever.

DriveSavers is proud of its industry-leading success rate. This is no accident. It’s a result of continuous in-house R&D, close bonds with device makers, and nearly 40 years of diving deep into the data universe.

All of our data recovery methods align with the benchmarks set by top storage device manufacturers. So, when DriveSavers works to recover your data, our process will not void your device’s warranty. Plus, our relationship with manufacturers allows you to get in-warranty device replacements if needed.

Call us day or night to initiate your data recovery process. Upon confirmation, we’ll promptly email you a complimentary overnight shipping label. If you’re nearby or fancy a visit, we’ll provide directions for a hand-delivery to our UK office during our working hours.

We only require the storage drive. While you’re welcome to ship or bring the entire laptop, desktop, or server, it’s not a necessity. Whether it’s you or a friend, removing the hard drives or solid-state drives from the system is straightforward.

In most scenarios, we can mirror your original folder setup. The resurrected data is shifted to a fresh storage device and swiftly couriered back. We also throw in a user-friendly guide and handy support video links to help you navigate your recovered data.

Our Standard Service is the industry’s fastest and wraps up in one to two business days. But we also have an Economy Service (five to seven business days, and ten to fourteen for smart devices) and a relentless 24/7 Priority Service for those urgent needs.

In specific situations where shipping might be inconvenient or unnecessary, our remote data recovery service comes to the rescue, especially for expansive systems like RAID, NAS, and SAN. If you need UK data recovery services on hardware that’s simply too large to ship, or you have data that’s too sensitive to leave the business premises, remote UK data recovery is an option.

Our relationships with device manufacturers ensure we have a fighting chance at every recovery. If, against the odds, certain specified data remains unrecoverable, we won’t charge you a penny. We’ll even send back your device free of charge. However, our team of data recovery engineers will always work together and will investigate every possible option for complete data recovery.

We only collect payment post-recovery. Starting the process is 100% free. And our payment channels are diverse — we accept all major UK credit cards, and for large corporations and government entities, we facilitate purchase orders and net terms.

Service Plans


Immediate action will be taken as soon as we receive your drive, ensuring recovery services every day of the year — be it day, night, weekend, or holiday.


1-2 Business Days
Proudly offering the industry’s quickest standard recovery timeframe. All processes finalised within regular business hours.


5-7 Business Days
10-14 Business Days – Smart Devices
An economical service option offering job completion during normal business hours.

Free Shipping

Call our UK-based data recovery services today to set up an order, and we’ll email you a free overnight shipping label. Simply print the label and follow our easy packaging instructions to send your device to our lab for our data recovery services near you.

Free Evaluation

Once we receive your device at our data recovery services facility, our skilled DriveSavers Data Recovery Engineers will thoroughly examine the equipment to determine its condition and the recoverability of the contents at no cost to you.

No Data, No Charge!

If, by chance, your data is deemed unrecoverable by our data recovery engineers, there is no charge for our recovery attempt or data recovery services, and we’ll ship your device back to you at no cost.

DriveSavers cleanroom engineers work closely together to recover data from hard drives, exemplifying teamwork and expertise.

Certified ISO Class 5 Cleanroom

DriveSavers offers premier data recovery services and operates the industry’s largest and most advanced Certified ISO Cleanroom environments. The DriveSavers engineering team stands out with proprietary techniques, tools and software specially tailored for every unique data loss situation. All our HDD physical data recoveries take place in our dust-free and static-free Certified ISO Class 5 Cleanroom.

Think of this Cleanroom as an operating room for damaged drives. It safeguards against potential contamination, which could lead to irreversible data loss. This meticulous care during recovery operations ensures the safety of the sensitive components of your storage device. In fact, since 1985, leading data storage device manufacturers have placed their trust in DriveSavers, recognising our ability to pinpoint issues and conduct intricate recovery operations without compromising the original warranty.

DriveSavers engineers use advanced microsoldering skills to access data when needed on flash memory devices.

Data Recovery Success

For those in the UK searching for top-tier data recovery services, DriveSavers is the name that you can trust. With the highest success rate in the industry, we proudly stand at the forefront of data recovery. Our in-house R&D team, coupled with our established relationships with global storage device manufacturers, positions us perfectly to offer the best data recovery services near you.

With roots dating back to 1985, our legacy spans decades of excellence. From standard hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid-state drives (SSDs) to advanced storage solutions like helium hard drives, our capabilities are vast. We’re the experts at restoring data from smartphones and other devices too, be it iPhones or Androids, tablets, USB flash drives, camera cards, and even sophisticated enterprise devices like RAIDs.

We’ve assisted countless customers across the UK, successfully retrieving data from various loss scenarios — whether due to physical and mechanical failures, water and fire damage, data corruption, or even just accidental deletion (we’ve all done it). Each day, our engineers handle a volume of devices that surpasses what an average UK data recovery centre manages in a month. The sheer magnitude of our recoveries stands as testament to our unmatched expertise.

All our recovery procedures employ proprietary techniques and tools, ensuring that your device remains safeguarded throughout the process. If you’re seeking the very best in data recovery services near you, DriveSavers remains your best choice.

DriveSavers is dedicated to highly personal customer service. Data Recovery Advisors are real people, eager to help each caller 24/7/365.

Superior Customer Service

For residents across the UK seeking dependable data recovery services in London, Edinburgh and everywhere in between, DriveSavers has consistently been a beacon of reliability. The anguish of data loss is universal, and when it strikes, knowing there’s a reputable data recovery service near you can be incredibly comforting. Our commitment remains unwavering, 24/7, be it weekdays, weekends, or bank holidays. Every time you call, our expert Data Recovery Advisors, based right here in the UK, are on standby to help you.

We’re not an impersonal automated service. We’re passionate individuals deeply invested in helping you retrieve your cherished data. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our impressive 97% customer satisfaction rate, corroborated by thousands of reviews on platforms like Google and Yelp. So, for those in the UK, when data emergencies arise, remember that DriveSavers is just a call away.

Restoring data and peace of mind since 1985.

Our Mission Since 1985

Our mission is to ensure your data is recovered securely and promptly, ensuring you have a hassle-free experience. From the bustling streets of London to the remote corners of the UK, we’ve extended our services to cater to a vast clientele — be it the giants from the FTSE 100, burgeoning SMEs or individual users on the quest for nearby data recovery services.

DriveSavers, as the best data recovery service in the UK, prioritises customer satisfaction above all. We uphold the highest standards of data privacy through our stringent data recovery process. This process not only undergoes a meticulous annual audit, but also aligns with regulatory benchmarks set by sectors spanning from healthcare and banking to education and business. So, if you’re faced with the loss of valuable, irreplaceable data, remember — we can save it!®

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