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DriveSavers Can Recover Lost Data from Any Hard Drive

For nearly four decades, DriveSavers has been at the forefront of helping clients recover data from broken hard drives and various other damaged storage devices. Don’t wait — reach out today to start the data recovery journey.

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Hundreds of Thousands of Customers Trust DriveSavers

External and Internal Hard Drive Recovery Services

Since its launch in 1985, DriveSavers has established itself as a global frontrunner in hard drive recovery data services. Both individual users and enterprises trust DriveSavers for the recovery of lost data from inaccessible internal and external hard drives, whether for Mac or PC. The DriveSavers experts consistently recover data from failed hard drives even when others have declared the data irretrievable — and we do it quickly.

Always avoid off-the-shelf data recovery software or tools. Such approaches could worsen the damage on your device and potentially make data recovery from failed hard drive scenarios even more challenging.

Misplaced or deleted files, including photographs, on your computer’s storage? Our unique tools have a track record of retrieving them. Before panic sets in, know that even the most complex data recovery tasks are just another day at the office for our seasoned team. We pride ourselves on cutting-edge methods paired with straightforward solutions — all at a fair price. Tap into our vast experience retrieving lost data from various drives.

Facing a non-responsive hard drive, a compromised server, or a malfunctioning device? Don’t panic. DriveSavers technicians excel in addressing these concerns and ensuring that you or your business doesn’t face data loss. Ready to explore hard disk recovery options? Get a quote today! Dive deeper into our service offerings and costs, and get any queries addressed.

Referred by All Storage Device Manufacturers

Top manufacturers trust DriveSavers to recover data on their devices and ensure their customers' data security. Our technical partnerships with drive manufacturers grant us exclusive access to methods, tools, and technologies that aid in data recovery from devices like SSDs, HDDs, and intricate hybrid storage systems. They know you’re in good hands with DriveSavers.

Companies Worldwide Trust DriveSavers

Trusted by over 20,000 business partners across the globe, DriveSavers is the go-to name in data recovery services. Our clientele speaks volumes of our expertise, boasting renowned names like Coca-Cola, Facebook, Google, AT&T, Sony and even NASA. Considering data recovery services near you? Your business could be our next success story. Learn more.

We Can Save It!®

In selecting DriveSavers for data recovery, you’re choosing a service recognised for unparalleled expertise. We offer a secure, state-of-the-art ISO Class 5 Cleanroom and partner with top manufacturers, ensuring we use the best recovery methods for your specific device. Our commitment extends beyond recovery to ensuring your data remains protected against all forms of digital threats. What’s more, we’ve  developed proprietary tools and data recovery techniques that allow us to deliver custom recovery solutions for every data loss scenario, including:

Logical Problems

  • Firmware corruption
  • File system corruption
  • Lost passwords
  • Deletions
  • Partial overwriting
Physical Damage

  • Head crash
  • Media damage
  • Reformatting
  • Controller error
  • Actuator failure
  • Damaged motor
  • Bad sectors
Natural Disasters

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Wind
  • Power spikes

Choosing DriveSavers means prioritising expertise and security for your data recovery needs. Our state-of-the-art facilities and expert techniques enable us to offer specialised solutions tailored to each unique challenge, from technical glitches to natural disasters. Trust us to recover your data and protect it with the utmost care throughout the process.

Certified ISO Cleanroom Maximises Recovery Results

When addressing physical hard drive malfunctions and logical data issues, DriveSavers engineers stand out as industry leaders. In just a single day, we often recover more lost data from damaged, corrupted, or traumatised drives than most service providers manage in an entire month.

Every case of data loss is unique, requiring a tailored approach. Utilising our state-of-the-art, Certified ISO Cleanroom facility, we’ve crafted specialised techniques, and tools to provide customised solutions for various data loss scenarios.

Our team conducts a detailed examination of your device. During the process to recover data from broken hard drives, our engineers meticulously dismantle the storage components, assess them for physical defects, and carry out precise component-level repairs.

To ensure the best possible outcomes in data recovery, all physical retrieval operations take place in the DriveSavers state-of-the-art Cleanroom setting — the industry’s pinnacle of controlled environments. This area features ISO-certified zones, plus, we maintain a substantial inventory of thousands of parts and drives.

All procedures for data restoration adhere to guidelines established by top-tier hard drive and data storage makers, so rest assured, our recovery methods won’t invalidate your original warranty.

Always avoid off-the-shelf data recovery software or tools. Such approaches could worsen the damage on your device and potentially make data recovery from failed hard drive scenarios even more challenging.

Mike Cobb – Director of Engineering at DriveSavers Data Recovery

We’ve Got Encryption (Re)Covered!

Our specialists are well-versed in encryption technologies and the nuances required to recover data from failed hard drives of all kinds. Trained in leading encryption software, we are adept at safely retrieving both file and disk-level encrypted data. Whether it’s encrypted hardware, software, email, network storage, web content, or backup devices, rest assured that the original encryption standards will be maintained throughout the recovery process.

Beyond the standard hard drive recovery services we offer, DriveSavers can also tailor security protocols to meet specific needs.


In these cases, the data is retrieved in an image-only form and re-integrated into your system while maintaining the original encryption settings. You’ll be responsible for decrypting the data once it’s returned.

Full Decryption

Encrypted data is recovered and decrypted by our engineers (with you providing the encryption keys) to verify the integrity of the data and returned to you encrypted or fully decrypted. The power to keep your sensitive data hidden is always completely in your hands.

During the recovery process, you’ll have phone access to our engineers as your recovery is taking place. Once the recovery is completed, we can safely and properly recycle the old storage device

With nearly 40 years of experience, DriveSavers, the trusted leader in data recovery, has performed professional data recovery on every kind of storage device, including hard disk drives (HDDs). Data Recovery Advisors are available to directly help set up a free data recovery evaluation should data loss occur.

Mike Cobb – Director of Engineering at DriveSavers Data Recovery

Fast, Reliable, Secure

  • Industry-leading standard turnaround time ranging from 24 to 48 hours
  • Direct phone consultations with seasoned Data Recovery Advisors, available seven days a week
  • A variety of service plans tailored to suit every requirement
  • Skilled at restoring data on various storage media, including SD Cards, CompactFlash cards, Microdrives, TransFlash, xD memory cards, Sony Memory Sticks, and SmartMedia
  • Fixed initial quotes without any additional Cleanroom or parts charges—completely transparent pricing
  • Utilisation of a Certified ISO Class 5 Cleanroom, ensuring a particle-free and electrostatic-free setting for intricate microsurgery on delicate components
  • Engineers at DriveSavers are accredited and trained in the foremost encryption technology

Certified Secure Data Recovery

For those looking to recover data from failed hard drives, especially where sensitive information is involved, stringent security measures aren’t a luxury—they’re critical. At DriveSavers, we take privacy seriously. We stand alone in the data recovery sector in submitting to an annual audit, meeting the corporate world’s benchmarks for a robust control framework.

This audit assures our clients that every facet of our operations, from our facility to our network, meets the security standards required to protect their confidential and personal data throughout the recovery process.

Central to our certified, secure data retrieval environment is a resilient network fortified by a multi-layered security architecture. This includes firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and round-the-clock real-time monitoring.

Institutions such as Coca-Cola, Google, Lucas Films, Nike, Adobe, and LinkedIn have all entrusted DriveSavers with their critical data needs when requiring hard drive recovery solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

To recover data from a damaged hard disk, we use several advanced techniques, all carried out in our Certified ISO Cleanroom, to ensure a controlled environment that minimises the risk of further damage. Our engineers are experts in handling both physical malfunctions and logical data issues, using expert tools and techniques tailored to each unique data loss scenario.

The final charge for hard drive data recovery is influenced by the success rate and thoroughness, alongside the time taken for the process. Typically, a successful recovery lies within the top third of the initial estimate. Rest assured, the DriveSavers data recovery services cost will never surpass the initial quote you were given.

Yes, it is possible to recover files after a hard drive has been reformatted. However, the success largely depends on not using the drive after reformatting to avoid overwriting the data.

Restoring a hard drive typically involves using specialised techniques to recover lost, deleted, or inaccessible data. For physically damaged drives, professional data recovery services like DriveSavers are recommended.

While hard drive recovery software can be effective for lost or deleted files, it’s not recommended for physically damaged drives. Using software on failing hardware can potentially make the situation worse.

We have the highest chance of success in the industry. Our in-house R&D team and our relationships with the industry-leading storage device manufacturers, allow us the highest opportunity for success, with over 90% recovery rate across all device types, including hard drives.

Call DriveSavers Day or Night to Get a Risk-free Estimate

We will email a free overnight shipping label and then call with the results of the evaluation and the cost to recover the data. If the data is unrecoverable or you choose to decline the recovery, your cost is zero pounds.

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