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Server Data Recovery Services

Even the most reliable server systems can face unexpected failures. When they do, server data recovery services become essential. With the evolution of DriveSavers server data recovery tools and our expertise, securing your valuable data is more achievable than ever.

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RAID Data Recovery
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NAS Data Recovery
Network Attached Storage
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SAN Data Recovery
Storage Area Networks
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DriveSavers Enterprise Systems Group specializes in recovering data from all operating systems and all types of high-capacity devices, including redundant arrays of independent disks (RAID), network-attached storage (NAS), storage area networks (SAN), and multi-disk servers.

Our engineers are the best in the industry at dealing with logical and physical data loss. We routinely recover databases, ERP accounting systems, mail servers, and other mission-critical data for organizations of all sizes.

Mike Cobb – Director of Engineering at DriveSavers Data Recovery

We Can Save It!®

DriveSavers engineers excel in server data recovery services, efficiently retrieving critical data from diverse storage types such as RAID, NAS, SAN, tape, and multi-disk servers. We offer every customer, from IT experts to home users, a range of benefits through our comprehensive server recovery data solutions, including:

  • Fastest Standard turnaround time in the industry of 24 to 48 hours
  • Engineers trained in leading encryption software, for both file and disk-level encrypted data
  • Successful recoveries from every server configuration, even in challenging scenarios such as multiple drive crashes, deep-rooted corruption, and acts of nature
  • Certified ISO Class 5 Cleanroom ensures a particle-free environment for detailed operations on sensitive server elements
  • Adhering to stringent standards, we fulfill the specific demands of both corporations and governmental agencies
  • Safe and compliant recycling of outdated storage devices to obliterate data permanently
  • We cater to varied needs with our diverse service offerings

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Remote Data Recovery

DriveSavers provides unparalleled remote data recovery services for many data loss situations that do not involve mechanical or physical damage. This service extends to businesses with complex NAS systems, security protocols and other issues that negate the use of our in-lab service.

The remote data recovery procedure is similar to our in-lab services. Our dedicated Enterprise Systems Engineers will use our software to gain access to the failed system, run diagnostics, and evaluate the condition of the device to determine if it is a logical failure or a physical failure.

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