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RAID Data Recovery Services

Ensuring the safety of your critical data is paramount, and RAID systems are often the chosen solution for those looking to balance speed and redundancy. So when RAID systems falter, having a dependable RAID data recovery service is vital.

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Referred by All Storage Device Manufacturers

All leading manufacturers authorize DriveSavers to open sealed storage device mechanisms without voiding the original warranty. Our data recovery allows you to receive an in-warranty device replacement from the manufacturer. Learn more.

Companies Worldwide Trust DriveSavers

DriveSavers supports over 20,000 business partners worldwide. Your business could be one of them! Some of our satisfied customers include companies such as Coca Cola, Facebook, Google, AT&T, Sony, NASA, and many others. Learn more.

Experts You Can Trust

With nearly 40 years in the business, our RAID data recovery engineers possess deep technical know-how, ensuring the best RAID recovery rate in the industry. We’re specialists in retrieving data from all operating systems and high-capacity devices, including RAID systems, NAS, SAN, and multi-disk servers. DriveSavers is the data recovery service you can rely on. We consistently save lost databases, ERP accounting systems, mail servers, and a wide range of mission-critical data for organizations of all sizes.

RAID devices vary depending on their manufacturer. DriveSavers engineers have an in-depth understanding of each manufacturer’s unique components and configurations. Our technical partnerships with RAID systems and controller manufacturers grant us exclusive access to methods, tools, and technologies that aid in RAID data recovery from SSDs, HDDs, and intricate hybrid storage systems.

RAID Remote Data Recovery Services

DriveSavers provides unbeatable recovery services and restoration services for all RAID devices and configurations. We can recover your RAID server data!

DriveSavers provides unparalleled remote data recovery services for many data loss situations that do not involve mechanical or physical damage. This service extends to businesses with complex NAS systems, security protocols, and other issues that negate use of our in-lab service. 

The remote data recovery procedure is similar to our in-lab services. Our dedicated Enterprise Systems Engineers will use our software to gain access to the failed system, run diagnostics, and evaluate the condition of the device to determine if it is a logical failure or a physical failure.

State-of-the-Art Cleanroom

During the recovery process, DriveSavers data recovery engineers open all hard disk drives (HDDs) in an ISO Class 5 Cleanroom to inspect for physical damage and repair delicate components.

Our cleanroom stands out in the RAID data recovery services sector as a leading-edge facility. This space, free from dust and static and regulated for temperature and humidity, ensures the highest success for RAID data recovery protection. It safeguards the sensitive components of the drives, defending them against harmful particles during the crucial RAID data recovery process.

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X-Ray Technology

DriveSavers utilizes X-ray technology for precise diagnostics, identifying irregularities and critical damage in storage media without risking device integrity. Using X-ray technology expands our data recovery capabilities, confirms suspected component failure, and validates proficiency of ball grid array (BGA) rework. No other data recovery service has this advanced technology in its lab.

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Certified Secure Advantage

DriveSavers is your best choice for data recovery. But don’t just take our word for it—always ask to see proof!

Read the full PDF Vetting Doc to see all of the certifications held by DriveSavers, including:

  • An annual SSAE 18 SOC 2 Type ll security audit that ensures the highest level of data security available
  • ISO Class 5 certification verifying that the cleanroom at DriveSavers is the most advanced in the industry, and the best chance for HDD data recovery
  • IT industry training and certifications that ensure DriveSavers Data Recovery Engineers are up-to-date on all the latest technology, encryption, and related knowledge

Why RAIDs Fail

Failures can be attributed to a range of reasons: hardware malfunctions, human errors, software glitches, or application mishaps. Whether it’s RAID array data recovery or RAID drive data recovery you’re after, we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

RAID Hardware Failures

Corrupted RAID configuration
Lightning, flood or fire damage
Drive physical abuse
RAID hard disk drive (HDD) overheat
Intermittent drive failure
Media surface contamination
Multiple drive failure
Power spike
Power supply burnout or failure
RAID controller failure
RAID corruption
RAID drive incompatibility
RAID array failed
Vibration damage
Damaged connector
Manufacturer defect
Power circuit malfunction

Human Error

Unintended or accidental deletion of files
Reformatting of drives/array
Reformatting of partitions
Incorrect replacement of media components
Mistakenly overwritten database files
Employee sabotage
Lost/forgotten password
Overwritten files
Overwritten RAID configurations
Overwritten RAID settings
RAID incorrect setup
RAID user error

RAID Software Issues

Backup failures
Computer virus or worm
Corrupt files/data
Damaged files or folders
Directory corruption
Firmware corruption
Server registry configuration error
Missing partitions
RAID configuration error

Application Failure

Unable to run or load files
Corrupted database data or other files
Locked databases preventing access
Deleted tables

All RAID Servers and Configurations Supported

DriveSavers specializes in RAID data recovery, offering unmatched expertise for all RAID server levels and configurations. Whether you’re dealing with hardware like HDDs and SSDs or specific RAID setups from RAID 0 to RAID Z3, our services encompass a broad spectrum of RAID servers and media across major brands like HP, Dell, and IBM. Trust us for reliable recovery of your critical RAID data.

RAID Server Levels

RAID 0 1


RAID Server Hardware Types

NAND Flash

RAID Server Makes

  • All HP ProLiant, LeftHand and 3PAR Series
  • All Dell PowerEdge, PowerVault, EqualLogic, and Compellent Series
  • IBM xSeries, Power Series (AIX, Linux) and storage subsystems
  • Supermicro server and storage subsystems
  • All Intel and AMD product lines
  • SAN– and NAS-based RAIDs and standalone storage systems
  • EMC and NetApp product lines
  • Any make that isn’t listed has a great chance at recovery
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