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Tom’s Hardware: World’s First Apple M1 Data Recovery, Firm Claims

Ian Evernden of Tom’s Hardware scrutinizes a recent announcement by DriveSavers that the company can recover data from catastrophically damaged M1 and T2 boards. He pokes fun at DriveSavers Director of Engineering Mike Cobb’s “excessive hyperbole” when describing his team's cutting-edge data recovery capabilities. But, in the end, he recognizes…

“Miracle” iPhone Recovery

Eric's iPhone was destroyed when he left it on top of his car and drove off. All data and the requested photos of the family's newborn were recovered "It really was a miracle"

SSD Data Recovery Horror: Oven-Fried Drive

You may have seen a “repair technique” floating around on the internet which recommends using an oven to bring a faulty flash memory device, such as a solid-state drive (SSD), back to a working state. This risky technique involves literally baking the circuit board in an attempt to revive the…

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