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Restoring Peace of Mind for a Major Leaguer, Bill Bathe

Bill Bathe, a man with an illustrious past and a vibrant present, lives in Tucson, Arizona. As a former Major League Baseball player, Bill has experienced the highs of athletic achievement, including playing in the 1989 World Series with the San Francisco Giants. After hanging up his cleats, Bill embarked on a 26-year career with the Tucson Fire Department, dedicating his life to serving his community. Today, he thrives as an insurance broker specializing in Medicare, a role that demands the utmost responsibility and safeguarding of sensitive data.

Bill’s laptop, the keeper of his professional life and personal memories, took an unexpected turn and ceased to function. The darkened screen was the first sign of trouble, quickly followed by the realization that his hard drive was corrupt and the battery was on the brink of failing. Regretfully, Bill never backed up his data and now faced the potential loss of irreplaceable investment records, crucial business information, and family photos.

In desperation, Bill sought help from a local computer repair service, only to be met with a mix of relief and dread. The repair team managed to revive the laptop’s darkened screen but delivered the crushing news that the hard drive was irretrievably damaged and the battery dangerously close to exploding. It was at this low point that the shop recommended DriveSavers to Bill for HDD data recovery.

Bill’s first interaction with DriveSavers was with the company’s website. He was impressed with their years of experience. The team at DriveSavers spoke with him with professionalism and empathy and assured him there was a good chance of recovering his data. They further facilitated an easy and free process for sending his hard drive to the California lab. Within a week, DriveSavers had fulfilled their promise, recovering all of his data.

Bill’s experience with DriveSavers goes beyond just data recovery; it’s a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence and its ability to deliver hope in seemingly hopeless situations. Bill was particularly struck by the kindness, technical knowledge and expertise he experienced from the DriveSavers team.

Bill’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of data backup and the unmatched reliability of DriveSavers Data Recovery. For anyone facing the loss of critical data, Bill’s closing thoughts sum up his experience perfectly: “If you have important information that you absolutely can’t live without … DriveSavers is your number one choice, hands down.”

DriveSavers continues to reconnect customers like Bill with their data and their lives, restoring peace of mind.

If you’re facing a data disaster, remember Bill Bathe’s story and know that with DriveSavers, there’s always hope. Whether it’s cherished personal memories or indispensable professional data, DriveSavers is your number one choice for data recovery. Trust in the experts who brought peace back to Bill’s life and can do the same for you.


Hi, my name is Bill Bathe. I live here in beautiful Tucson, Arizona, and I’m a former major league ball player, having played in the 1989 World Series. I played for the San Francisco Giants and very fortunate to have played in the 89 World Series. Um, after my stint with the Giants, I, uh, joined the Tucson Fire Department and did 26 years with them.

Currently I’m an insurance broker and my specialty is Medicare and that is what I do now. In my insurance business, which I’ve been doing for about four or five years now, I have a lot of important data on there, including encrypted information, and I also on my laptop had tons of investment stuff. One day I came to use my computer and the screen was darkened and I couldn’t get in there, and then I felt my heart skip a beat and found out that my hard drive was corrupt and the battery was getting ready to explode.

I never backed it up, which I should have done a long time ago. You know, pretty much felt like my life was over. So, the stuff that I had on my laptop was absolutely irreplaceable. I had pictures of family events, loved ones, investment stuff, my current business. Uh, losing that data would have meant the, uh, death of me because, uh, basically my whole life on the laptop that was irreplaceable.

I took my laptop down to a, uh, local computer repair place that came recommended. And, um, I dropped off my laptop hoping that they could recover my data. And they called me a day, a day later and stated that they had good news and bad news. Uh, they told me the good news was they got my screen to come back on.

The bad news was they said that my battery was getting ready to explode and that the hard drive was so corrupt it could not extract any data whatsoever. So the company that, um, here at the Park Mall that I took it to, when they couldn’t recover my data, they recommended DriveSavers and, uh, when I looked on their website I saw they had A lot of experience, uh, that they were a premier repair company that handles things like this.

So I called DriveSavers. They were very helpful, very knowledgeable, very nice, and they said that there’s a good chance that they could recover my data. And they had me send my hard drive to them, which was a real easy process, and, uh, a week later they had recovered all the data. I was extremely impressed with DriveSavers.

I was actually blown away by their technical knowledge, their expertise, where they succeeded where other people have failed. DriveSavers was very professional and they recovered all the data for me and essentially I am sleeping again and very happy that I got my life back. I would recommend DriveSavers to anybody that has lost their data and think that they’ve lost everything for good.

If you have important information that you absolutely can’t live without and nobody else can recover it, um, DriveSavers is your number one choice, hands down.

DriveSavers Senior Marketing Manager
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