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Thousands of Kesha’s Creative Ideas – Recovered!

Singer/songwriter Kesha explored the ocean on an epic kayak excursion among wild orcas. Unfortunately, while taking a video of the whales with her iPhone, water dripped from her paddle onto her phone, getting it wet. After realizing the phone had stopped working, she panicked, knowing the phone was the only location for over 1,000 voice memos, including song lyrics she had not yet recorded.

Who did she trust to recover such irreplaceable data?


When DriveSavers data recovery engineers got their hands on Kesha’s iPhone, they found it had experienced a complex electrical failure, likely from the water. Unfortunately, even a tiny amount of water from rain or a dripping kayak paddle can find its way into a phone through places like the speaker, earpiece, or charging port. As a result, Kesha’s phone required physical data recovery, for which data recovery engineers had to swap or repair parts of the iPhone.

Once the engineers rebuilt the phone enough to extract and verify the data, they discovered another problem – severe logical corruption, likely due to the electrical failure. It’s uncommon for a physically damaged device to also have logical damage, so this recovery was incredibly problematic.

After a complicated custom solution, DriveSavers data recovery engineers saved over 2,000 voice memos (double the number that Kesha had estimated were on the phone).

In Kesha’s own words, “DriveSavers – Y’all saved the day!”

Thank you, Kesha, for sharing your story and trusting DriveSavers with your confidential and personal voice memos.

Video Transcript

DriveSavers, you all saved the day. Kesha here. So last week, I was kayaking with orcas, and I have paddles. I’m going. I see the whales. I get super excited. I whip my phone out to take a video. In the madness, my oar drips onto my phone. My phone stops working. And I realized this later. And I panicked because I write music. And I have over a thousand voice memos on my phone. That’s where I save all my ideas. And my phone was just dead, gone. And I sent it to you all, and in two days, you saved my phone. You saved the day. Thank you, DriveSavers.

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