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“Miracle” iPhone Recovery

Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Eric Sweet and this is a review for DriveSavers.

I really cannot recommend their services enough.

What happened to my device was I left it on top of my wife’s car and we drove off. And the phone flew off the top of the car and got run over by the car that was driving behind us.

All of the pictures of my children – namely my daughter who was only about a month and a half old at the time – all of our pictures of her were on that phone and it was destroyed.

We tried a lot of different things, went a lot of different places, asking people what we could do. I stumbled upon DriveSavers and hence sent my wife’s phone across the country as a last-ditch effort.

Not only did they recover all of the data, and all of the pictures, and give us an iPhone backup on a flash drive, but their customer service was absolutely fantastic from start to finish. They were so genuinely concerned and really just wanted to help me get these pictures and data back. And that really meant the world to me.

You know, it really wasn’t that long of a process and they got our stuff back to us in a few days. And it was just, in our eyes, having been where we were thinking there was no way to get our data and our pictures back, it really was a miracle. And I still think about it from time to time now, even a couple years later.

I can’t recommend this company and their services highly enough. And again to the DriveSavers folks: I still very much appreciate you guys, and thank you for everything you’ve done for me.

DriveSavers Senior Marketing Manager
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