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A Trusted Partnership in Secure Data Recovery Services

Paul Paliy, owner of CompRite, has been recommending DriveSavers for many years and became a devoted partner with DriveSavers in 2017. The enduring partnership is fueled by CompRite’s unwavering confidence in the unparalleled customer service DriveSavers gives to their customers and the company’s commitment to providing top-tier secure data recovery services. CompRite’s commitment to customer data is evident in Paul’s recommendation of DriveSavers, emphasizing the peace of mind that comes with trusting a reliable data recovery service provider.

When referring clients to DriveSavers, CompRite assures them based on firsthand experiences. Having worked closely with DriveSavers, CompRite can attest to their professionalism and security protocols. This personal connection provides clients with a sense of security and contributes to the positive growth and reputation of CompRite’s business. With six locations across the Portland area, CompRite ensures accessibility for its clients, making the process both seamless and reliable.

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My company name is CompRite IT and I’ve been a partner since 2017.

I’ve been referring DriveSavers since 2000, as long as I can remember. And it’s mainly because the ease of use and the best of the best. Just having the confidence knowing that the customer I’m sending is going to have a reliable source and a reliable reply beats everything in my book.

So being in business for the past five years at this location, I know exactly how important data really is. Doing a lot of data recoveries, both, you know, on the software side and cell phone repairs and whatnot. The one thing that customers tell me is, can you please save my data?

I know how important family pictures are, how important baby photos are, and that stuff is literally irreplaceable. You, you can’t replace it. You can’t go out to the store and buy new baby photos and whatnot. So when I recommend my customers to DriveSavers, I know they’re going to be handled with the upmost top notch customer service and just labor in general.

My experience working with DriveSavers has been nothing but positivity. I’ve never had a negative answer. I’ve never had a customer come to me complaining or even telling me that they weren’t able to recover their data. So, and that’s really hard to find in today’s world.

So one thing is when I refer DriveSavers over to my customers that, one main thing they do also ask is, “Are they trustable? Can I send this? You know, I don’t know these people, and I’m just going to randomly send them my hard drive with all my important data to them to some weird place in California.”

And the one thing I tell them is, “I’ve been personally working with them. I’ve met them, I’ve dealt with them”, and having that type of reply for a customer, someone that they can physically talk to, is more than trustworthy. Just having a physical referral from a reputable source is very important. And us having six locations across the Portland area it really helps out. So, I think explaining security protocols to my customers is super easy. And so far, everyone I’ve recommended seems to think the same way.

So 99 percent of the time, when I recommend a customer over to DriveSavers, it’s mainly helping a person that’s already in a stressful situation that doesn’t have much hope left in their hard drive or their cell phone or something where we weren’t able to fix.

Being able to send someone to a place and reassuring them, hey, this is the best of the best. You’re more than welcome to call them and have them explain to you exactly, you know, what’s going to happen. This is, you know, it’s not the end of the road and just reassuring somebody with their data is one of the best feelings I’d say that I can get personally as a business owner.

And that personally improves my business. It has people keep coming back. Uh, for different style of repairs and whatnot, because they’ve gotten a good recommendation.

Thankfully, they’ve been doing a great job treating my customers. I do sometimes have customers call me back with updates on how the recovery went how they’ve been treated. And I had nothing but good reviews verbally from my personal customers.

Dealing with an honest company and you know that’s, that’s something like I keep saying it’s really hard to find nowadays. That’s why I’m so happy to work with such a company that’s both so large, but we get on a personal level at the same time. And that’s why I’ll continue working and supporting DriveSavers.

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