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A Mother’s Digital Delight: DriveSavers Rescues a Decade of Precious Memories

In this fast-paced world, we often overlook the importance of safeguarding our digital treasures until it’s almost too late. This is the story of Jenn, a mother of four, who learned the hard way about the necessity of data backup.

For over a decade, Jenn entrusted her cherished memories – pictures and videos of her children from infancy to the present – to an external hard drive. Despite always intending to back it up, the busy demands of motherhood meant that this crucial step was repeatedly postponed.

The first warning signs appeared when the external hard drive started emitting strange noises and occasionally refused to connect to the computer. Jenn resorted to a temporary solution – a few firm taps on the device would silence the noise and restore connectivity. This temporary fix served her well for a year or two, but as time went on, even Jenn’s determined taps could no longer revive the failing device.

The day came when the external hard drive finally gave up, leaving Jenn unable to access any of the precious memories it contained. Panic set in as she realized that her children’s pictures and videos spanning over twelve years were now seemingly lost.

Seeking a solution, Jenn turned to a local computer repair shop, only to be told that the data recovery process was beyond their capabilities. It was at this critical juncture that she was referred to DriveSavers, their data recovery partner.

The engineers at DriveSavers evaluated the drive and found that they were faced with a formidable challenge – severe media damage and firmware corruption in the hard drive. Undeterred and with Jenn’s approval, they harnessed their expertise, proprietary technology, and the advanced facilities of their ISO Class 5 Cleanroom to commence the recovery process.

Jenn shared her experience in a testimonial video, expressing that DriveSavers was nothing short of exceptional. From the initial consultation with Data Recovery Advisors to interactions with Customer Care Representatives, she felt informed and supported at every step. The professionals at DriveSavers patiently answered all her questions, offering reassurance and guidance throughout the process.

Within a couple of days, DriveSavers accomplished what others couldn’t – they successfully recovered absolutely everything from the damaged drive. Overjoyed with the outcome, Jenn emphatically recommends DriveSavers to anyone needing data recovery. She and her daughter Natalie give DriveSavers two enthusiastic thumbs up, a testament to the company’s commitment to rescuing not just data but the irreplaceable moments that make up a lifetime of memories.


Jenn: Hi. My name is Jenn Dodd, and this is my daughter Natalie. We are from Colorado Springs, Colorado, and I have the privilege of getting to raise four amazing kids.

Natalie: Yeah. And I’m a full-time student.

Jenn: So, we have had our external hard drive for over ten years. And every year that went by, I knew in the back of my head that I needed to back it up, but somehow it always ended up on the end of my priority list. In the last year or two, it began to make funny noises, and sometimes it wouldn’t connect to the computer. But as long as I gave it a couple taps – maybe harder than necessary at times – it would start working again…until one day it, it didn’t.

Natalie: And then all my stuff was gone – poof!

So all the stuff that was lost was all my pictures all the way from when I was like a tiny newborn to when I was twelve. And then all my other sibling’s pictures too.

Jenn: Yes. We have four kids total. So it was pretty devastating when it quit working and I found that I had lost videos, pictures, every sort of memory that had happened in the last probably twelve years.

Our first line of defense was to go to a local person in Colorado Springs, and after he could not save the data, he actually recommended DriveSavers and sent it out for us. I was unsure of what was going to happen, but from the beginning of the process all the way to the end, there were customer service representatives who called me and emailed me to confirm different issues and ask different questions. And they stayed on the phone as long as was necessary to answer my questions. It was an incredible experience for us.

DriveSavers did a great job. They recovered absolutely everything on our drive, even after someone else was unable to do it. We would absolutely recommend drive savers to anybody who needs it.

Natalie: Two thumbs up!

DriveSavers Senior Marketing Manager
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