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DriveSavers: Partner’s “Top Choice” for Data Recovery

Ray Vanpraag, CTO of Cellular and Laptop Repair Center in Lake Forest, California, discusses the company’s five-year partnership with DriveSavers. He praises us for our responsiveness and meticulous maintenance of a strict chain of custody, ensuring the security of customer devices. Vanpraag reports a 100% success rate in data recovery with DriveSavers and positive customer feedback, emphasizing DriveSavers as their top choice for crucial data recovery tasks.


My name is Ray Vanpraag and I am the CTO of Cellular and Laptop Repair Centers based out of Lake Forest, California. We’ve been referring customers to DriveSavers for complicated jobs and when it just absolutely, positively has to be done, we send it to DriveSavers as an outsourced vendor, and we’ve been doing it for about five years now.

DriveSavers has been phenomenal as a vendor partner of ours. They have excellent communication, and their turnaround times are reasonable. Depending on what you need, they’re there to help you. They are very responsive to email and very responsive to phone calls. The detail in which DriveSavers maintains a strict chain of custody is very impressive.

Everything we’ve ever sent them has been returned with tracking, labeling, and packaging that shows that there was a lot of time and attention put to accurate chain of custody and accountability for where that device was while they had it. So far, they’ve had 100 percent success at recovering anything that we’ve thrown at them.

The feedback we’ve received from our customers is that they were given a high level of care from DriveSavers, and they were overall very happy with the engagement. In my opinion, if it absolutely, positively has to be recovered, DriveSavers is our go to.

DriveSavers Senior Marketing Manager
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