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“We Can’t Help You, but DriveSavers Can”

When podcast content creator Philippe Chan’s external hard drive fell, it resulted in the inability to access a vital and irreplaceable interview with a rap recording artist.

In search of solutions, Philippe visited three local computer repair shops. However, upon examining the drive, all three technicians regretfully informed him that data recovery was beyond their capabilities. They unanimously recommended that he contact DriveSavers.

Upon evaluating Philippe’s drive, the DriveSavers data recovery engineers identified a seized motor. This type of physical damage requires a platter swap procedure – a complex operation that involves extracting the platters from the original device and placing them into a new, working, identical device. A platter swap must be performed within a certified ISO Class 5 Cleanroom. Otherwise, tiny airborne particles can accumulate on the open hard disk drive (HDD) platters, causing further damage to the platter surfaces and potentially causing valuable data to be lost forever.

I went to other local companies that claimed to save data. And they took one look at my drive and said, “We can’t help you, but DriveSavers can help you.”

The platter swap operation was successful, and the irreplaceable interview was returned to Philippe along with the rest of his recovered data.

Philippe’s experience with DriveSavers was exceptional. He commends their professionalism and honesty, as well as their ability to effectively recover his critical data. Impressed by the outcome, he highly recommends DriveSavers to anyone in need of data recovery services.

Hi. My name is Philippe Chan. I live in Folsom, CA. My professional background is that I’m a content creator and we specialize in podcasting.

What happened was the external hard drive that we had fell over and dropped and there was some physical internal damage.

On our external hard drive that was damaged, there were archival footage and audio of past podcasts that we had. Those were easily recoverable because we had copies of them in our office. But the specific one that we lost and did not have copies of was a specific interview with a rap recording artist. And it was actually pretty expensive for us to get an interview with him, so obviously there was no way we could duplicate that.

My experience was excellent. The representative was professional, straight and to the point. What I appreciated the most was his honesty – he informed me of what DriveSavers could and could not do. I appreciated that more than just a promise of, “oh yeah – we’ll fix it!” I really appreciated the honesty.

DriveSavers knew exactly what they were doing. They explained everything to me. They didn’t dumb it down, which I appreciated. And they spoke to me like a colleague, which I really appreciated.

I would definitely recommend DriveSavers to anyone. A good story is that I went to other local companies that claimed to save data. And they took one look at my drive and said, “we can’t help you, but DriveSavers can help you.” I went to three locations and they all said the same thing.

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