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A Successful Partnership: Mac Guys Plus and DriveSavers

Mac Guys Plus continually chooses DriveSavers as their preferred data recovery partner.
Discover how a fruitful collaboration with DriveSavers delivers seamless data recovery experiences for their clients.

Tim Nyberg, the founder and CEO of Mac Guys Plus, discusses his interactions with DriveSavers over the past twenty years. Tim describes his company’s long-term success with DriveSavers, praising our simple processes, Apple/Mac compatibility, and effective communication channels. He goes on to explain Mac Guys Plus’ experiences with DriveSavers practical strategies when working with various client needs, emphasizing the use of their reseller benefits code.

Tim attributes high client satisfaction with DriveSavers data recovery services to DriveSavers dependability, top-tier technical skills, and consistent commitment to data security. Whether providing on-site or remote support, Mac Guys Plus and DriveSavers together demonstrate the power of partnership when providing exceptional customer service.


Hi, my name is Tim Nyberg. I’m the founder and CEO of the Mac Guys Plus. We work out of the Minneapolis—St. Paul Metro area in Minnesota. We’ve been referring our clients to DriveSavers, I would say 20 years, but at least 15 years. We’ve got local places that do data recovery, but we found that DriveSavers is a little more straightforward, and I love that they’re a Mac-friendly shop.

We’ve had great luck sending over a lot of our Apple equipment when our clients have needed stuff. They’re easy to work with. They send a box out when we need one, and a lot of times we’ll just bypass that and we have the clients contact DriveSavers with our discount code directly, which has worked out fantastic. The clients contact them and then we kind of orchestrate in the background any needed additional work they need once they get that recovery back. DriveSavers has always been there for us and done a fantastic job, so we keep using ’em.

We’ve worked with DriveSavers in a number of different ways. We’ve taken in the client machine and sent it directly to DriveSavers, and then we’ve billed the client and we’ve been billed by DriveSavers. We’ve also used the code that they give you for the reseller, like the affiliate code, which has also worked out great and we use different things in different situations depending on what the client’s needs are. Sometimes our clients are remote, especially in these days with a lot more remote workforce stuff going on. We may touch with clients that are no longer directly in our area and they require support—in those cases, we provide them with the code and the information they need to reach out directly to DriveSavers. When they’re local, then we can get our hands on the machine and take a look and assess it before we send it out—in those cases, DriveSavers has done a great job of sending us the boxes and the paperwork and everything we need to get this stuff shipped in. That’s worked out great.

Our experience with DriveSavers has been fantastic over the years. They’ve been easy to communicate with, easy to talk to. They always get back to us right away. We’ve got a local place that we’ve worked with; we just haven’t been that happy with. DriveSavers have been very responsive. We’ve never had a problem working with them, and our clients have always been happy. So we keep choosing DriveSavers.

We’ve had great luck with DriveSavers. We trust ’em with our clients’ data. Everything’s always come back as we’ve shipped it. They’re very good about communicating with us when they call about a job, and reaching out to the right people in our organization to make sure they’re maintaining security protocols regarding the client’s data. They’ve been fantastic. We continue to work with ’em because of their attention to detail.

DriveSavers has been really reliable with the commissions that they’ve paid. We’ve never had a problem or had to track anybody down. They either send a check, or it gets credited to our PayPal account or something. But we’ve never, not had anything shown up, or we’ve never had to call and discuss issues with them in that regard. They’re super fair, and things keep flowing very smoothly when we work with them. So we’ve not had any problems whatsoever with the commissions or getting client payments back and forth. All that’s always been very smooth.

I don’t think there’s ever been a time when DriveSavers hasn’t been able to recover data that we’ve sent over. In the Apple world, a lot of that drive space is soldered on the board, and it’s a little bit different situation, but they’ve always been able to get the data off and recover it and help our clients out. I think their technical abilities are fantastic, and they’re always there to help out when we call questions about what they can and can’t do. Then we get our stuff sent over to ’em and things have worked out fantastic. We always check in with our clients if we send them directly to DriveSavers, and even when we work with our clients communicating with DriveSavers to make sure things are going well, and we’ve never had a report of any problems whatsoever. Everybody’s been really happy with DriveSavers and the communication back and forth about the progress of the recoveries. And then with us as well, always on top of it and getting back to us when we need to about different parts of the process. Communication with DriveSavers has been great.

The reseller team at DriveSavers has always been there when we needed materials and supporting documents for our recoveries. We just give ’em a call and they send over little cards or trifolds or different pieces of information, which we often put in with our folders and different things we bring out to clients. Even if they don’t need a recovery, a lot of times, if it’s the right size shop, we might leave a little information behind that includes DriveSavers information so that if they need something in the future, they’ve got it.

So DriveSavers have been great when we’ve tried to put up little Yelp ads and different things to help us with providing the right kind of information to make all that stuff happen. So that part of it’s been fantastic as well.

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