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Renowned Musician’s iPhone Data Recovery

Gordon Gottlieb, a renowned musician and percussionist based in New York City, faced a distressing situation when his iPhone XS suddenly stopped powering on. As someone who relied heavily on his phone to store important information, such as contacts, lists, photos, and more, he feared losing all his valuable data. After attempting to have it fixed at a local tech shop without success, the shop recommended DriveSavers Data Recovery. Gordon sent his iPhone to DriveSavers, hoping for a miracle.

The seamless and efficient experience with DriveSavers amazed Gordon. Within about two weeks, he received the fantastic news that all his data had been recovered. He expressed immense gratitude to the DriveSavers team, acknowledging them as “geniuses” for their ability to retrieve every bit of data he was looking for.

Gordon wholeheartedly recommends DriveSavers Data Recovery to anyone who has lost their data. He credits DriveSavers with “saving his life,” in a sense, emphasizing the outstanding service and the success of recovering his crucial information. If you find yourself facing a similar data loss situation, Gordon believes that DriveSavers will be able to help you just as effectively as they did for him.


Hi, I’m Gordon Gottlieb. I’m in New York City, and I’m a musician, percussionist— taught at Juilliard, taught at Yale. I’ve played with Steely Dan, Miles Davis, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder… the list is pretty good.

So, a lot of my information is kept in my phone. And my phone died, and I was distraught.

Anyway, I sent it to a local tech shop. They couldn’t fix it, so they sent it out to DriveSavers. And they restored all of my information, and it was a miracle to me.

I keep so many lists on my phone. Lists of everything from restaurants to movie scenes, to movies I want to see. So what I’ve read, contacts, photos, basically everything I need to keep my life running smoothly. There was so much there, and I was desperate to have it back. Just pulling my nose out, thinking, “Oh, no. Had I lost all of the information I’ve kept on that phone?”

They got all of it back. Every bit of it.

The experience with DriveSavers was seamless. Uh, like I said before, I tried at a local tech shop who could not repair it. They send it out to you. And it’s really within about two weeks, I got the great information that it was, uh, the information was restored, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Now, your engineers are obviously geniuses because they restored every bit of data that I was looking for. So, they have my vote. I would unequivocally recommend DriveSavers to anyone who has lost data. Mine was found, why wouldn’t they find yours? I’m so grateful to DriveSavers and cannot recommend it more. They saved my life in that sense.

Anyway, thank you, DriveSavers. I’m so grateful.

DriveSavers Senior Marketing Manager
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