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Kate Grinberg’s Success Story with Exceptional Data Recovery Service

Kate Grinberg, a retired science teacher from Maryland, reviewed DriveSavers after they successfully recovered lost photographs from her failed external hard drive. She was impressed with the company’s quality control and attention to detail. Despite the complexities of her situation, involving a docking hub failure that led to inaccessible data, DriveSavers provided excellent customer service. Kate praised their empathy and realistic outlook, highlighting their responsiveness and customer care as the best she’s experienced with any tech company. She highly recommends DriveSavers for data recovery needs.


Hi, my name is Kate Grinberg, and I live in Cabin John Maryland a suburb of DC. I am a retired educator. I taught elementary and middle school science for about 20 years and recently retired. Still using my computer a lot, still consulting a little bit. I’m not really sure what happened to my external hard drive, but I can tell you this. It was hooked into a hub and a lot of other accessories, and I had all my photographs on the hard drive, and as I was trying to view them, I think there was some competition from some of the other services that I was using, such as an external drive for backing up and something happened.

The hub failed first. When I went back to review my data, it was inaccessible. A crash on all fronts. DriveSavers was able to save all my lost photographs. Precious photos of my teaching life and my own children. So they rescued my photos, and nobody else seemed to be able to do that. The folks at DriveSavers were absolutely fantastic.

Best customer experience I’ve ever had with any technology company. Basically, people were patient on the phone and understood my dilemma. Whoever I spoke with was very empathetic but also quite realistic. They were sure to tell me that there was no guarantee, and so forth. So, I was able to develop some optimism about the project, but I also maintained the sense of reality that it might not work out.

And the people were responsive, great. They returned phone calls called me on schedule when they said they would. No complaints at all. Obviously, people know what they’re doing. I did do some research about the company and saw the incredible quality control and attention to detail that clearly paid itself off as a successful recovery. So yes, technical capabilities, obviously were top of the line. I’ve recommended DriveSavers already to people who haven’t yet experienced the data loss but I would certainly more than recommend DriveSavers to anybody that has the misfortune of losing data.

DriveSavers Senior Marketing Manager
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