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Jared Carmo, Industrial Supervisor – Elk Grove, California

The power supply on Jarad’s computer, containing all his photos from his phones and digital cameras, burnt up. The local computer shop referred him to DriveSavers. Jarad now has all his irreplaceable digital memories back.

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jared Carmo from Elk Grove, California. I work at the DVI prison in Tracy California where I supervise level one inmates working on the dairy farm there. They’re really milking cows, packaging half-pint cartons of milk to distribute to other prisons, and working the ground farm on the ground so we can feed the cows.

The power supply on my computer burnt up and I was unable to make the repairs to fix it. So I tried to recover the hard drive at a local Fry’s shop and they couldn’t do it and they recommended DriveSavers to help me two years later. I finally called DriveSavers to handle it.

Had a lot of photos of back in college with friends and a lot of pictures with family growing up. I consolidated all the pictures from my phones and digital cameras all in one spot and tried to keep it all organized. And those were irreplaceable memories so definitely wanted to make sure I got them back.

I had a pretty good experience with the staff from DriveSavers. We communicated well. If I called and left a message, they would call back not too long afterward within the same day or within a couple of hours sometimes. And they were very thorough about the steps, the process, it was a good experience.

I think the engineers were very thorough with their work and they were able to recover all my photos and documents. And when I got the hard drive back that they supplied with all information they recovered it was easy to follow through and find all my stuff. And I would definitely recommend DriveSavers to a friend or family member, anybody that’s lost their data, there’s no way to recover those memories and it’s worth getting those back.

DriveSavers, we can save it!

Mike Cobb, Director of Engineering and CISO
Mike joined DriveSavers in 1994. He leads and supervises the R&D efforts for past, present, and future storage technologies, and manages the engineering department's day-to-day operations, including RAID, SAN, NAS, along with the physical and logical recoveries of rotational media, SSDs, smart devices, and flash media. Mike also advocates the continued training and certifications of the DriveSavers Data Recovery engineers. Mike has a B.S. degree in Computer Science from the University of California, Riverside.

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