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10 Tips for Server Maintenance Over the Holidays

Fewer employees working over the holidays means a lighter load on your server system, making this the perfect time to put your scheduled maintenance plan into action. Some do this yearly, some every six months and some every month. No matter how often you perform server maintenance, always be sure…

Helium Hard Drive 101

Helium hard drives are an excellent option for individuals and companies that need high-density storage and want to reduce their carbon footprint. For example, helium hard drives can hold more data than conventional drives. They're also much more efficient at heating up and cooling down when working with older data.

DriveSavers: Raising Data from the Dead—Literally

As Halloween comes around every October, most people think of trick-or-treaters, zombies, and witches. But at DriveSavers Data Recovery, Halloween comes to mind nearly every day. We specialize in “raising data from the dead.” In this case, “the dead” is data from physically damaged or mechanically challenged computer hard drives,…

Data Security Compliance: A Cheat Sheet for IT

Whether you work for an organization controlled by compliance standards or you are an independent IT looking to build your enterprise business, industry regulations regarding data security, also known as information security, can sometimes cause a real headache. Keep reading for a single set of guidelines to follow that can…

SSD 101: Guide to Solid-State Drive

A solid-state drive (SSD) is one of the most popular, fastest, and energy-efficient solutions for storing and sharing information. Anyone dealing with SSD technology should know a few things about how these unique devices work. DriveSavers data recovery engineers have prepared the following “cheat sheet” to help you understand the…

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