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Video Transcript

Gera: Today, we are talking with Weston Moyer, our partner program manager. Weston is going to share some proven best practices that are most successful partners use to help grow their business by offering professional data recovery and how you can generate more happy customers via the DriveSavers Reseller Program. He’s also going to share how you can earn up to a $100 Amazon gift card today.

Hi Weston, please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about the DriveSavers reseller program

Weston: Yeah, absolutely. Thanks. Thanks, Gera. So my name is West Moyer, and I am the partner program manager here at DriveSavers, and I’ve been here for a little over eight years now. So DriveSavers works with over 20,000 partners. Primarily, those are made up of our reseller partners, which include computer and or phone repair shops, managed service providers, IT consultants, or really anyone else that would refer their customers or clients to DriveSavers for cleanroom data recovery services. So in our reseller partner program, we do have some great benefits, which include free shipping, free evaluations, no data, no charge, as well as discounts and even commissions for those referrals.

Gera: Well, that’s really cool. Thanks for breaking that down for me. Let’s start getting into the really juicy stuff. How are the most successful resellers that are using DriveSavers marketing tools to earn more customers in revenue? So how are they really using the tools that DriveSavers provides to earn more money for their business?

How are the most successful resellers using the DriveSavers Data Recovery marketing tools to earn more customers and revenue?

Weston: Yeah, good question. So what we find works best is taking advantage of our free marketing materials and point of sale to display in their store or office anywhere where they have walk-in customers. This includes primarily our Red DriveSavers brochures, which each have our reseller’s unique referral code on them to receive those benefits that I mentioned. But as well as we’ve got display items such as counter displays, frame posters, window decals, and stuff like that.

Gera: What would you say make the most successful resellers? What do they have in common? When you look at the businesses that are using this data recovery service? What elements of those businesses are the same?

What do the most successful resellers have in common?

Weston: You know, it really comes down to the Web tools. That’s really the thing that sets our partners apart. Anyone can display the stuff in their store, but by adding these web tools to their website, it really captures a different market. And these days, there are fewer people walking into stores, and a lot of times, they’re looking for information online or maybe calling in over the phone. So the web tools that I mentioned are banners, some web banners that have a direct link to our website with their company information on it, including their company name, and that DriveSavers discount code for those benefits. And we have a ton of those available for different device types, as well as some great videos that go along with those to explain those devices and what recovery looks like on them, including hard drives, solid-state drives, phones, raids, and more. We also have what we incentivize and encourage our partners to do is to add data recovery service to their Google my business categories. Because ultimately, what that’ll do is drive more customers to those partners looking for data recovery in their area. So really, it’ll help you drive customers to them and help with their SEO.

Gera: It’s a pro tip there, and I’m sure everybody gets this. So we know that price is always a concern. How do your most successful resellers answer that question? How much does it cost or how much will it cost?

We know that price is always a concern. How do your most successful resellers answer the question “How much will it cost?”

Weston: Yeah, absolutely. That’s usually the first thing that they ask. And what we recommend is that our partners have their customers or clients call us directly at our phone number 800 440 1904. It is a live data recovery advisor available around the clock, 24/7. And what they’ll be able to do is provide an accurate quote and help determine what the best service option is going to be for that customer. That’s what we recommend is, you know, having us get on the phone with the customer and explain everything, the process and those costs and everything to them, rather than having our partners have to do that for us. So the best thing to do is to have the customer or client get on the phone with one of our data recovery advisors so that we can explain that to them.

Gera: Yeah, that makes sense. Data recovery is pretty complicated. And yeah, pricing it out, I think, takes a professional for sure. So let’s talk about this $100 Amazon gift card. Tell me a little bit about this. How do our resellers get it? What do they have to do?

Ok let’s talk about how they get up to a $100 Amazon gift card

Weston: Like I said, $100 Amazon gift card if we’re adding all the tools that I mentioned, the Web tools and Google my business, and how you would do that is going to our website under resources and partner login, or you could even find it at the bottom of our monthly newsletter. You simply just put in your five-digit DDS code on the front of those brochures and your five-digit zip code, and you’ll find all the information that you need to add the tools as well as to receive that Amazon gift card. It’s as simple as providing a URL of the links where the banners and videos are provided and a screenshot of your Google my business. Our partner team is available for any other questions or anything like that by calling us at 800 440 1904 or you can email us at [email protected] .

Gera: Very cool. So just to recap, and you tell me if I’m hearing this correctly, so we’ve identified all the things that most successful resellers are doing. We’ve put them together as, like a one, two, three, this is what you have to do to be successful. And then, on top of that, we’re telling our resellers, hey, do these things that all of our most successful resellers are doing, and we’ll give you a $100 Amazon gift card just for doing the things that will make you successful. Do I understand that correctly?

Weston: You sure are. Yeah. And the great thing is, first of all, we’ve got great marketing materials. So all the stuff we supply is going to be stuff that really helps explain our services. But it’s all free. You know everything is in the resource center where the web tools can be found, but you can order more partner materials such as the brochures and counter displays and stuff that I mentioned. Like I said, all free. We’ll ship it to our partners, and it’s all stuff to really help explain our services and then get an extra $100 bucks bonus. Why not? I mean, it’s a no-brainer.

Gera: Absolutely. Well, hey, Weston, thank you for spending some time with me today. The incentives, all of the tools. I think that will really help our current resellers level up their game.

Weston: Absolutely. Yeah. Thanks for having me on here.

Gera: You got it. Hopefully, we can have you on again to talk about some more cool reseller stuff that we have in the works.

Weston: Sounds great.

Mike Cobb, Director of Engineering and CISO
As Director of Engineering, Mike Cobb manages the day-to-day operations of the Engineering Department, including the physical and logical recoveries of rotational media, SSDs, smart devices and flash media. He also oversees the R&D efforts for past, present, and future storage technologies. Mike encourages growth and ensures that each of the departments and their engineers continues to gain knowledge in their field. Each DriveSavers engineer has been trained to ensure the successful and complete recovery of data is their top priority.

As Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Mike oversees cybersecurity at DriveSavers, including maintaining and updating security certifications such as SOC 2 Type II compliance, coordinating company security policy, and employee cybersecurity education.

Mike joined DriveSavers in 1994 and has a B.S. degree in Computer Science from the University of California, Riverside.

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