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“Miracle” iPhone Recovery

Eric’s iPhone was destroyed when he left it on top of his car and drove off. All data and the requested photos of the family’s newborn were recovered “It really was a miracle”

9 Ways to Secure Your Smartphone

By Will DeLisi, NAND Flash Recovery Specialist Your smartphone–that mini computer that lives in your pocket—deserves the same protection as your personal laptop and work computer does. Use the following guidelines to protect your on-the-go information from hackers and thieves. 1. Back Up, Back Up, Back Up! First and foremost,…

Trilogy Tech Talk interviews Chris Bross, DriveSavers CTO

While at Flash Memory Summit 2015, our company rock star, Chris Bross, was pulled into a variety of media interviews, including this one with Trilogy Tech Talk. Trilogy Tech Talk is a new arena to discover, investigate, evaluate and compare all things “tech.” Content comes straight from the source of…

Holiday Computer Safety Tips

If you are going to be away from home or shutting down your business during the holidays, here are some tips to keep your important data safe from harm’s way. Back Up First and foremost, make sure you have everything important backed up. A backup is just a copy, stored…

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