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6 Years of Photos Recovered Through HDD Data Recovery

Matt Nute, an amateur photographer from Kansas City, Missouri, shares his experience with DriveSavers after encountering a severe issue with his external hard drive. While upgrading his PC for photo editing, he noticed his drive, which contained six years of precious photographs, including irreplaceable memories of his father, making a grinding noise and then failing to be recognized by his computer. Despite having used the drive as a backup and already migrating to a new machine, this was the only copy of his photos.

With low expectations due to the drive not being recognized by his computer, Matt was astounded when DriveSavers returned his data to him with all his photos intact, recovering everything from what he believed was an unrecoverable drive. Impressed by their professionalism and expertise, Matt recommends DriveSavers without hesitation to anyone facing similar data loss issues.


Hi there, I’m Matt Nute. I’m from Kansas City, Missouri, and I am an amateur photographer.

Given that the drive I sent them wasn’t even being recognized by my computer, my expectations were pretty low. I figured everything was just gone and unrecoverable. When they were able to return me a drive that had all my photos, I can’t even think of anything that wasn’t recovered there. They were able to go on to a completely just busted drive and recover data that was incredibly important to me.

That impressed me a lot.

This drive had six years of photographs on it. Everything from concert photography that I’d done to some of the last photos I had of my father while he was alive. And although I had been using this drive as a backup drive, I had already migrated to a new machine. So when this went down, there were no other copies of these photos that I had available.

I was upgrading the PC that I use for my photo editing, uh, installing the media drive with all of my six years of photographs on it, and it started making a loud grinding noise, and then stopped being recognized completely. Didn’t show up in Windows, didn’t even show up in BIOS.

With the professionalism and the expertise that DriveSavers has shown, if I had anybody who had this kind of data loss in a personal or professional capacity, I’d recommend DriveSavers without hesitation. They did right by me, and I have no complaints at all.

DriveSavers Senior Marketing Manager
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