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Press Release: DriveSavers Experiences Tremendous Increase in Encrypted Hard Drive Recoveries

Surge In Encrypted Data Is Not Only in Large Corporations and Government

San Francisco, CA (RSA 2008—Booth #558) – April 8, 2008 – DriveSavers, the worldwide leader in data recovery services, announced today that due to the dramatic increase in data encryption solutions being deployed to data storage devices, the company has experienced more than 500% increase in data recoveries completed on encrypted hard drives during the past twelve months. While the use of data encryption to protect highly sensitive data is more commonplace for large corporations and government agencies, much of this growth has been from small and mid-size companies. This validates research that has shown an increasing awareness for the need to secure data at all levels.

Facility Security Officer at DriveSavers Data Recovery, Michael Hall said, “We are seeing more small to mid-size companies from biotech to accounting firms focusing on security. Protecting sensitive and private information, such as social security numbers, intellectual property and financial information, is a critical concern in any IT environment, whether it is in government, corporate or small business. We are well positioned to handle this quantum leap in encrypted drives and files.”

DriveSavers engineers have completed extensive certification training programs provided by leading encryption software vendors including GuardianEdge, PGP Corporation, Pointsec (Check Point Software Technology) and Utimaco. DriveSavers can successfully recover lost data from encrypted hardware, software, email, network files and web pages, wireless device data and all storage and backup devices.
Hall said, “Before government agencies or businesses trust any provider to recover critical data, they must ensure that the data recovery service provider can meet all of the necessary security protocols required to protect sensitive information, including certified expertise in encryption.”

For over twenty years, DriveSavers has successfully recovered data for a variety of government organizations and businesses including: Bank of America, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, Department of Energy, FDA, FedEx, General Electric, General Services Administration, Google, NASA, National Health Institute, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Morgan Stanley, USDA, Yahoo! and other organizations and industry partners.

DriveSavers can provide data recovery services that meet the most stringent security requirements for encrypted information, including:

  • Chain of custody protocols to ensure data security throughout the recovery process
  • Security protocols that can be customized to meet the most stringent requirements of corporations and US government agencies
  • Certified Cisco® self-defending network provides integrated security from core to perimeter
  • Only certified engineers perform recoveries on encrypted data
  • High security services meet U.S. Government protocols
  • Data can be restored in an image-only format and returned with original encryption intact
  • Data can be restored and decrypted at DriveSavers to verify the integrity of data, then returned encrypted or decrypted, as per customer requirements
  • High security shipping and receiving options (e.g., lock boxes) are also available
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