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Ghostbusters Comic Book Artist Calls DriveSavers!


My name’s Tim. I am in New Orleans, Louisiana. I draw comic books mostly on Ghostbusters. I’ve been able to sneak in some G.I. Joe and Ninja Turtles as well. I’m very fortunate I get to work on my childhood for a living, but I also get to do other stuff for the NBA and Swiss and other companies as well. Why are you doing this, or what got you into this? And it’s just one of those things, man. Like, I grew up doing this like, I’m one of those people. That’s how I describe it nowadays. Like, you might meet somebody there. They’re a chef. They just always were cooking. Or you might meet somebody that plays a sport or was a coach or something like that. It was just always a passion, always was drawing and grew up in the eighties and nineties where that was. There was it was the golden age, in my opinion, of comic books. And so that’s always what I wanted to do. And here we are today. I’m doing it. I was drawing on my tablet, and I had an external hard drive connected to it. That’s where I keep all my artwork, all my data. As I was getting up, I forgot that it was connected, and I ended up dropping it on the floor. There was no external damage to it or anything like that, but any time I plugged it in, there was no, I couldn’t get any data, and you would hear a clicking noise.

So you could tell like it was trying to read, but it couldn’t read. So there was mechanical damage on the inside. So everything I had was on there. I’m sure most people do the same thing. You’d save all your data on there, and you don’t. It’s just like anything else. You don’t think this is going to happen. Some of the stuff I could actually go right click and download, but some of the other process work that went into it. I’m not going to be able to get it; you’re never going to get that anywhere else. As much as I was concerned about those things, I was more concerned about like pictures I had of like family pets, stuff that I wasn’t going to be able to replace. I did everything I could do on my own. Eventually, I ended up on YouTube, and I was trying to find maybe a way I could troubleshoot it. I ran into Linus Tech Tips, which is somebody I regularly watch anyway, and he recommended drive savers as well as some of my friends. Also, it became an easy choice what I was going to have to do from that point. Yeah, by the time we got to drive savers, they were awesome. Everybody was very, very helpful. It was good energy.

It was a good vibe coming from over there. Even though you only deal with emails and some phone calls. You can kind of tell. And yeah, they were able to get most of the data. I know they tried. It took a few weeks, and when I started digging through it, I was finding stuff I forgot I even had on there. So yeah, they did a great job. The harder files were trickier, but most of my pictures and everything were back. The communication was awesome with drive savers. They were very friendly, very explanatory. Is that a word? They helped me out, and they guided me through each step of the process. The emails were quick. It was great customer service, was awesome. I knew I was going to be able to get the best support I could, just looking at the clientele and the people they deal with. Previous to me, like they’re going to be dealing with law enforcement. They’re going to be dealing with celebrities like Sting or whoever. So I was confident that they would be the best place to go to get the data. I needed recovery. I would highly recommend drive savers data recovery. They went above and beyond what I thought they were going to do. And yeah, they were just all around. It was a great experience. Drive savers, we can save it.

Mike Cobb, Director of Engineering and CISO
As Director of Engineering, Mike Cobb manages the day-to-day operations of the Engineering Department, including the physical and logical recoveries of rotational media, SSDs, smart devices and flash media. He also oversees the R&D efforts for past, present, and future storage technologies. Mike encourages growth and ensures that each of the departments and their engineers continues to gain knowledge in their field. Each DriveSavers engineer has been trained to ensure the successful and complete recovery of data is their top priority.

As Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Mike oversees cybersecurity at DriveSavers, including maintaining and updating security certifications such as SOC 2 Type II compliance, coordinating company security policy, and employee cybersecurity education.

Mike joined DriveSavers in 1994 and has a B.S. degree in Computer Science from the University of California, Riverside.

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