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Drobo Blog: The Special Edition 5D3 and 5N2 Models – Designed for Power Users

Originally published on the Drobo Blog.

Peace of Mind and Performance Delivered in one Solution.

Did you know a simple hard drive recovery can cost you more than $7,500, without a guaranteed full recovery? Data loss not only breaks the bank, but it also can result in your business closing or losing your projects and family memories forever.
For over 10 years, our storage solutions have provided innovative data protection and features to elevate your backup process. We understand data is at the heart of your data-intensive workflow, and protecting your files are crucial. Which is why we are taking our attributes one step further, by delivering an increase in speed, data recovery protection and extended support to power users with our Special Edition models.
The Drobo 5N2 and 5D3 Special Edition models come charged with features to ensure your data stays safe and to enhance your speed. The special editions, Platinum and Gold, both include a 128GB mSATA card to boost your performance. The mSATA card, which is placed in the built-in Accelerator Bay, will increase your access to frequently used files by up to 30%. Although both special editions provide a performance boost, they include different levels of data protection. The Gold Edition includes 5 years of DroboCare and the Platinum Edition includes 5 years of DroboCare and a DriveSavers plan.
The Platinum Edition will potentially save you thousands of dollars in recovery fees, by providing the highest level of protection with 5 years of DroboCare warranty and a DriveSavers data recovery plan. We engineer the Drobo solutions to the highest standards, however, data loss can be a result of many unexpected variables, such as mechanical, water and fire damage, file corruption and more.
With over 60% of companies shutting down within 6 months of losing their data, creating a solution to ensure the highest level of data protection was a top priority for us. DroboCare provides an immediate Drobo replacement if something were to go wrong, 24×7 phone support and migration assistance. DriveSavers, with the highest data recovery success rate in the industry, will cover one instance during a 5-year period.
We are excited to provide an industry-first with our Special Edition models for creative professionals, SMBs and home users. Comfort and performance has never been so simple.
Learn more about Drobo 5N2 and 5D3 Special Editions
The Platinum and Gold Editions are now available on the Drobo Store and with select partners.

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