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Video: Drobo Partnership with DriveSavers for DroboCare Platinum Edition

Discover why you need the Special Edition Drobo in your workflow with Drobo CEO, Mihir Shah.

Drobo CEO, Mihir Shah: Alright. Welcome, guys to Drobo. We had a little bit of technical difficulties earlier for those of you who did try to join Facebook and had some glitches.
We are extremely excited to announce a couple products, but before we get into that I’d like to welcome Rod, our CTO who is joining us here from London. Rod, welcome and thanks for joining me.
Drobo  CTO, Rod Harrison: Thanks from me. It’s good to be here.
Mihir: So, Rod’s team really focuses on the engineering on all these products. Rod’s been with the business for about ten years and Rod makes this trip back and forth quite frequently, so we’re excited to have him as a part of this announcement.
So, with that, I want to get into announcing our two new products.
A little backstory on this: When we did this journey—about two and a half years ago—when we brought this new management team into Drobo, the focus was really gonna be on customers. And as we talked to customers at tradeshows, we launched the Drobo Customer Council, we really heard what you guys have wanted. And with that, I’d like to introduce two new bundles really focused at our Power Users.
And again—we asked, “what do you guys want?” And one of the things that folks wanted was, obviously, performance, peace of mind. And with that, we have the Gold Bundle for the 5N2 and the 5D3, and the Platinum Bundle for the 5N2 and the 5D3.
Now the difference between the two is the Gold Bundle includes an SSD card already built in as well as five years of DroboCare. And on the Platinum Bundle, we actually partnered—and this is one of the first partnerships ever like this in our industry—with DriveSavers to offer a drive recovery service as a part of the Platinum Bundle. So if your drives do fail and they’re not working properly and you need to recover the data, DriveSavers will handle that data recovery for you.
So, again, two products, both 5D3 and 5N2 Bundles, and Platinum and Gold Edition. And the difference between the Platinum and Gold Editions for both those products is the Platinum Edition includes drive recovery service.
The MSRP for these products: For the 5N2 Gold is gonna be $749. For the 5N2 Platinum is gonna be $949. For the 5D3 Gold, it’s gonna be $949. And for the 5D3 Platinum, it’s gonna be $1,149.
And with that, I’ll turn it over to Rod to really give you an idea of why the MSATA and the DriveSavers matters to our customers.
Rod: Yeah, thanks. So, as Mihir said, clearly with both bundles is an MSATA card which goes into the bottom of the Drobo in the Accelerator Bay slot. And that’s gonna really give you a big performance boost up to 30% on some of those files that you access most frequently. And when you’re really gonna see that is when you’re doing things like loading a Lightroom library or an Aperture library. You’re going to see a big performance boost there because those things have a lot of small files, very hard for the hard drives to do, and the SSD that we’re including in these bundles just makes that much, much easier and much faster.
And then on to the DriveSavers—that’s a unique partnership. They don’t do this with anyone else. And, you know, Drobo protects your data against hard drive failures but, as we’ve seen all too often recently, we can have fire and flood and if that happens DriveSavers will take those disks from you, they’ll recover your data. And they are the highest success rate of drive recovery from fire damage, water damage and all sorts of other physical damages that just can’t be protected against by a normal RAID system.
So both these bundles include the MSATA. That’s gonna give you that huge acceleration on those small files, and then the Platinum Bundle also includes the DriveSavers Recovery.
Mihir: So, yeah. Again,  this is the first ever and it’s an exclusive partnership between Drobo and DriveSavers. No other storage vendor has that out there right now. And again, it’s really coming back to what customers want. They want performance and they want peace of mind. You guys are creating and you guys are storytelling with the images and the videos that you capture. Let us take care of the performance and the care of your data.
So with that, two new bundles. Again, Drobo’s on a roll, launching more and more products every year.
Thank you for joining. Have a great holiday. I know Thanksgiving is coming up for you guys. There’s a lot to be thankful for. You know, we have a fantastic team here at Drobo and I’m consistently grateful for the new products that they’re putting into our customers’ hands. Again, I’m thankful for all you customers out there that continue to support us and buy our products. So have a great and safe holiday. We look forward to speaking with you soon on our next Drobo Live. Thank you.

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