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DriveSavers Meets High Apple Standards Internationally

When Mike Feinstein, the former mayor of Santa Monica, CA, brought his MacBook Pro to MacGeek during his trip to Manzanillo, Mexico, they repaired the laptop by replacing the logic board.

As an Apple Authorized Service Provider, MacGeek has high standards for its customers. When they couldn’t repair the logic board or access any of his data due to catastrophic component failure, they entrusted their customer with DriveSavers.

But there’s more to this story—much more!

Video Transcript

My name is Derek Quiroz, I work in MacGeek, and you can find us in Manzanillo, Colima. Our customer arrived here trying to fix his device because it wasn’t turning on. The device got wet. We tried to do everything but we couldn’t fix it. That’s the reason we contact DriveSavers. The experience with them was really great. They are very nice people. They give me the information that they need. They say that it’s going to take more time than expected and, yeah, all the time they will give me the information that I need.

I really feel confident to recommend them again because the work that they do is really, really good. We are an Apple service provider so our standards for the service for the customers are really high. We expect the same thing and we saw this with the DriveSavers. I really, really like it.

DriveSavers Senior Marketing Manager
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