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The Discovery Channel Visits DriveSavers

On Friday, June 19th, 2015, Lucas Cochran, technology correspondent from DAILY PLANET on the Discovery Channel Canada, came to visit DriveSavers.

DriveSavers Director of Engineering, Mike Cobb, walked Lucas through recovering the data from his own Samsung phone. Just a few days prior, Lucas had dropped his phone in a pool where it had sat for a full 45 minutes before it was rescued.

Under Mike’s guidance and a lot of help from DriveSavers, Lucas successfully recovered the data from his waterlogged, partially corroded phone, including several selfies taken with friends just before dropping the phone into the pool.


Lucas’s segment on DAILY PLANET, “Digit@l”, is really fun and definitely worth checking out. Here’s another segment of theirs with our partner, ioSafe.

Click to view ioSafe Tattoo Wager.

After only 45 minutes in the pool,
some pretty intense corrosion had already begun.

The crew suiting up for the Cleanroom and
the Daily Planet producer, Riley, keeping an eye on everything.

Lucas from Daily Planet and Mike Cobb from DriveSavers
getting a closer look at the problem.

Successful recovery! This is what relief looks like. 🙂
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