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Digital Forensics: Vulnerabilities Beyond the Computer

Companies concerned about computer security breaches and data loss have another big concern. What if it’s not a computer but something else attached to your network that’s being exploited?

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow, so does the connectivity of many different devices that may not be properly protected from hackers.

Corporate and business computer systems are monitored regularly and updated frequently to deflect and defeat intruders, but what about those network printers and other devices attached to the same system? Is the entire system safe or just a portion?

Most network administrators may claim there is no connection, no real threat, but they’re misinformed.

DriveSavers has been paying attention and we know it can happen.

Printers represent a unique path that can be exploited. A modern printer can be a pretty sophisticated device that contains sensitive data. And most companies have multiple printers, not just one.

Many printers today contain a hard drive that can store anything that has been copied or digitized, including some pretty sensitive information. If a hacker gains access through an unprotected communication device, the intruder may gain access to valuable business data.

Printers are not the only conduits. What about other network-attached devices like fax machines, Smart TVs and even remote-control thermostats? They can all be Net-connected and potentially vulnerable to attack.

In the event of any data loss, where either hackers or insiders are suspected, DriveSavers Forensics team knows where to look throughout the system for evidence of an attack. They take into account all of the possibilities, not just the obvious, looking for any way into—and out of—the affected system.

Here are a few news stories that look at different aspects of this issue and how to protect against intrusion:

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