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Burnt iPhone Data Recovery: Beach Bonfire Rescue!

Bonfire iPhone: Recovered

When James found his iPhone 12 Pro Max in the bonfire he had built on the beach, he was devastated at the thought that his irreplaceable business and personal data were gone forever. But he didn’t lose a thing because of DriveSavers iPhone data recovery service! Read on to learn how DriveSavers data recovery engineers saved the data—and his business—from what seemed inconceivable.

Where's My Phone?

James’s adventurous trip to Mexico with his friends was almost over, and he was already feeling nostalgic about the memories they had made. On their last night, they decided to have a bonfire on the beach to celebrate the end of their vacation. James took charge of building the fire.

After starting the fire, James headed off into the darkness to collect more wood with his iPhone in his pocket—or so he thought.

When James returned, he noticed something strange in the fire. It looked like the shape of a phone! Panicking, he searched his pockets and realized his iPhone was missing.

James instinctively grabbed the phone from the fire with his bare hand, not realizing how hot it had become, burning his fingers as he touched the scorched metal and glass. Having been in the fire for a while at this point, most of the phone had turned black, and the screen had started separating from the body.

James ended his last day on vacation in horrible pain and worried that he had lost all of the photos and videos from his trip.

pieces of an iPhone 12 Pro that was dropped in a bonfire
charred remains of an iPhone 12 Pro that was dropped in a bonfire

Where's My iCloud Backup?

The next day, after James flew home to the U.S., he went straight to his phone provider. They informed him that he had not backed up his iPhone to his iCloud account in over a year! James was devastated as it sank in that he hadn’t just lost photos and videos from his vacation but also all of the pictures, text messages, and files related to his new business.

James had been using his phone to keep track of everything, and it seemed like all was lost. He needed data recovery for his iPhone, but who was skilled enough to recover from a badly burnt, charred to black, and seriously damaged iPhone?

That’s when he was told to call DriveSavers Data Recovery by an Apple Store employee. So he called and sent his phone in, hoping against hope that DriveSavers could recover some of the data on his iPhone.

They Got My Data!

According to DriveSavers data recovery engineers, the heat of the bonfire had melted the components off of the board. They had to search through a mass of melted solder and charred remains of the phone to find the critical components required to extract the data. Even they were surprised to find them all, and to see that they had not been catastrophically damaged.

There was hope for a successful recovery.

Lucky for James, he had called the right place. The skilled data recovery engineers at DriveSavers are experts at recovering lost photos, videos, files, and other types of data from every type of catastrophe, including fire, and all operating systems and iOS devices, including the latest iPhones.

The DriveSavers engineers got to work. They used their advanced microsoldering skills and extensive data recovery knowledge to gain access to the data on James’s phone despite the extraordinary fire damage.

To James’s amazement, DriveSavers was able to recover 100% of the data from his charred iPhone! He was thrilled beyond words and couldn’t thank the team at DriveSavers enough. He had access to all his important files and contacts and could continue working on his new business without skipping a beat.

The experience taught James a couple of valuable lessons. Not only did he learn not to reach into a fire, but he now regularly backs up his iPhone to multiple locations and never takes iCloud for granted. Whenever he hears about someone losing data, he recommends DriveSavers Data Recovery without hesitation.

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