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Data Recovery Tips: Handling Flooded, Water-Soaked Drives

Data Recovery Tips: Handling Flooded, Water-Soaked Drives

APTOPIX Flooding
For as long as DriveSavers Data Recovery has been in business, we’ve always been sent hard drives that have suffered severe water damage. Some of our most spectacular saves include three hard drives that were intentionally thrown into a lake in an attempt to destroy evidence; countless drives from Hurricane Katrina; the 1997 Grand Forks, ND Floods (covered by CNN); a Mac PowerBook that sank (along with a cruise ship) in the Amazon River, which is now featured in our Museum of Bizarre Disk-asters.
Wet weather has soaked many areas this season, and we felt it was time to republish these tips to maximize the chances for the successful recovery of water damaged hard drives:
* Never attempt to dry out and use wet computer equipment
* Don’t try recovering the data using utility software
* Keep the hard drive and/or media wet by placing it in a Ziploc bag
* Send wet drives for recovery immediately to DriveSavers

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