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Your Solid-State Drive is about to Self-Destruct

Truth be told, your SSD may not actually be ready to self-destruct…yet. However, one of the key points we revealed in our presentation, “Electronically Stored Information Recoveries from Solid State Drive Technology – New Challenges for e-Discovery”, presented at the Chief Litigation Officers Summit, is that due to the design of solid-state devices it’s possible to lose (more) data while attempting to recover it.  Fortunately, here at DriveSavers we’ve developed tools and methods to handle this issue.

The positive feedback we received about our presentation has been greatly rewarding and is helping us develop new ways to perform electronic discovery and forensic analysis. As a follow up to the many requests for more information, we are making a free PDF available for download of our Master Class Presentation. Just click here.

Please keep DriveSavers in mind when you have a physically failed device that contains Electronically Stored Information (ESI) for eDiscovery or Forensic analysis. We regularly provide forensically sound images for many organizations that cannot access devices due to electronic or mechanical failure.

To receive a quote or start a new eDiscovery project call (800) 440-1904, our advisors are available 24/7.

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