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TweakTown: DriveSavers Discusses the Latest Data Recovery Techniques

Chris Bross from DriveSavers talks about the numerous challenges associated with data recoveryBy Paul Alcorn

Storage Visions 2015 –Chris Bross from DriveSavers stopped by the TweakTown booth to discuss the latest in data recovery technology. Increasing HDD capacity presents numerous problems, both with storing data and with recovering it. We also recently had the opportunity to tour DriveSavers labs, and covered the data recovery process in our DriveSavers Data Recovery Site Tour – Your Data, Recovered article.

New drive technologies, such as helium drives and SMR (Shingled Magnetic Recovery), add another layer of complexity that DriveSavers has to master to continue to offer data recovery services. New types of software layers and filesystems also present more hurdles, but DriveSavers maintains close contact with all storage vendors to enhance their data recovery services.

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