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Systems Engineer’s Digital Memories of His Father—Recovered

When Michael’s mother’s external hard drive stopped working, they weren’t sure its contents warranted data recovery. However, when Michael’s father passed, the data on the drive suddenly gained tremendous value because it contained family photos that didn’t exist anywhere else. So they turned to DriveSavers for help.

The external drive was an encrypted SATA hard-disk drive (HDD). When data recovery engineers working in the DriveSavers ISO Class 5 Cleanroom received it, they found it had been previously opened, complicating data recovery. In the end, DriveSavers successfully recovered over 100K previously-lost photos.

A systems engineer from Kentucky, Michael was delighted with the service from DriveSavers, and he received far more data than he thought possible. In addition, he was impressed with the company’s responsiveness and attention to detail throughout the process. DriveSavers exceeded Michael’s expectations, and he recommends the company to anyone who has experienced data loss.

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Michael Daniele. I am from Independence, Kentucky, and I am a systems engineer at a local IT company. My mom actually had an external hard drive that she had uploaded every picture she had ever taken or had in her possession to, and one day it just stopped working. So our device died, and we sent it away for recovery, which we had been thinking about

In the meantime, my father actually passed away. We realized then how much more valuable those pictures were to us.

The experience was actually great. One of the best experiences I’ve had with any company that I’ve ever used, from the initial call to them providing us with options on what kind of recovery options we had, down to once we decided to move forward with it.

They shipped us out a FedEx label. We sent the drive back. Very quick. Extremely happy with the results. We actually got recovered far more than we even knew was on there. Everything was shipped back to us in a bombproof container, basically.

Overall, just extremely satisfied with the service. As I mentioned before, with my father passing and getting back all of the pictures and photos that we had of him was extremely important to us.

It seems to me that the technical abilities of DriveSavers is second to none. They did exactly what they told us they were gonna do in a timeframe that exceeded our expectations, and we were extremely happy with the result. I would absolutely recommend DriveSavers to someone who is in the same position we are and has experienced data loss, whether that be an enterprise situation or personal like ours.

They provided us with multiple options and the responsiveness and attention to detail that they provided to us throughout this whole process was amazing. So I would absolutely recommend it.

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