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Storage Newsletter: DriveSavers Data Recovery for New Apple File System

Ability to recover macOS High Sierra data

DriveSavers Data Recovery, Inc. announced that the company is ready to retrieve data stored on drives formatted with the Apple File System (APFS), should users lose access to their drives during the beta test period or with the final release of macOS High Sierra.
Announced at Apple’s 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference as part of macOS High Sierra, APFS offers improved performance and security.
DriveSavers director of engineering Mike Cobb said: “macOS High Sierra is a huge step forward for performance and APFS is a fantastic addition. It is certainly stable enough to be released as a public beta; however, as a precaution, a complete backup of your Mac’s drive must be created before installing the beta.
Because APFS changes the way data is stored on a drive, the only option to go back to an older or current release version of macOS is to completely erase and reformat the drive-wiping out all the data in the process.
As it is the case with all beta testing software, DriveSavers recommends a full backup or image copy before installing the macOS High Sierra. Data could be at risk if not properly backed up. If any data loss occurs, DriveSavers is ready and capable of recovery.
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