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SSDs Come of Age

Solid state hard drives are the hottest thing in data storage today.

A smaller footprint plus faster response time and lower power consumption are hallmarks of solid state storage that employs cutting-edge Nand flash technology.
With an SSD, an array of memory chips work together as a disk drive volume. Instead of using traditional magnetic media like conventional hard drives, SSDs use integrated circuits (ICs) as the storage media.

Over the past few years, there’s been an explosion of new products using this silicon-based storage technology. Smartphones, digital camera media and tablet computers, all utilize some type of flash memory system.
Click here for an explanation on the development of the technology.

The best thing about this new technology is that it uses no moving parts, making mechanical failure a thing of the past. The only negatives of SSDs are high prices and low storage capacities, both of which will change for the better over time.

Although SSDs have no moving parts they are still susceptible to failure. Regular backups are always advisable whether your data lives on a conventional hard drive or a solid state storage device. If you suffer an SSD failure, and don’t have an adequate backup, DriveSavers can help get your data back. We have the most advanced techniques and capabilities plus the highest level of success in the industry.

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