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Through a special agreement with Seagate, DriveSavers is authorized and recommended to perform data recovery on Seagate data storage devices at reduced rates. Our work will not void your original warranty. We are also extending Seagate customers some new special benefits. Start taking advantage of them now!

Seagate Data Recovery Experts

DriveSavers engineers have the in-depth knowledge and technical expertise that comes from over 30 years of data recovery services, allowing us to achieve the highest success rate and best results in the industry. We specialize in Seagate hard drive data recovery.

Everyday, using only the best technology, we recover lost databases, photos, music libraries, ERP accounting systems, mail servers and other mission-critical data from external hard drive data, external device data, and corrupted hard drives for individuals and organizations of all sizes. Our Seagate data recovery services are authorized by Seagate. We’ll perform Seagate hard drive data recovery on your device and restore your data. As the leader in the United States data recovery industry, we consistently recover data that other service providers have deemed lost forever.

Certified Secure Data Recovery

Only DriveSavers undergoes an annual company-wide SOC 2 Type II security audit and posts the results here on our website (view here). Our certifications verify our qualifications to handle personal and confidential data files and support customers  needing Seagate data recovery services and who also must comply with data privacy and security regulations such as:

  • HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability/Accountability Act)
  • SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002)
  • GLBA (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999)
  • NIST 800.34 Rev. 1 (National Institute of Standards)

Certified ISO Class 5 Cleanroom Maximizes Recovery Results

Any hard drive opened in a non-Cleanroom environment will be contaminated IMMEDIATELY. One small dust particle can cause permanent damage to media platters, which CANNOT be reversed. Most data recovery companies do not have an ISO Class 5 Cleanroom!

DriveSavers performs all data recoveries in a Certified ISO Class 5 Cleanroom environment with highly-filtered air containing no more than 100,000 particles greater than .1 micron in size per cubic meter to maximize the opportunity for a safe and successful recovery. This controlled center (laboratory) with ideal conditions is 10,000 times cleaner than a typical room (non-controlled environment), which can have as many as 1 billion particles of this size per cubic meter.

Engineers Trained and Certified to Recover Encrypted Data

DriveSavers engineers are trained and certified by all leading encryption vendors for MAC and PC/Windows.

We Can Save It!®

Each data loss situation is new and unique. The improper use of commercial data recovery software could put your data at risk. DriveSavers has developed proprietary hardware, data recovery software, and technology tools that allows us to deliver custom recovery solutions for every data loss scenario, including:

Physical Damage

  • Head crash
  • Media damage
  • Reformatting
  • Controller error
  • Actuator failure
  • Damaged motor
  • Bad sectors
  • Seagate data recovery
Logical Problems

  • Virus infection
  • Firmware corruption
  • File system corruption
  • Lost passwords
  • Deletions
  • Partial overwriting
  • USB/FLASH device corruption
  • Disk Errors
Seagate Recovery Services

  • Seagate External Hard Drive Recovery
  • Seagate Hard Drive Recovery
  • Seagate Drive Recovery
  • Seagate Disk recovery
  • Seagate External Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Lyve Drive Data Recovery

Not all Data Recovery Companies are Created Equal

Don’t be fooled by online appearances or promises made by other data recovery firms. Please ask questions when vetting potential firms and don’t allow them to confuse you with non-industry-specific terms. DriveSavers is the only company in the world that has received ISO Class 5 Cleanroom, encryption, network and SOC 2 Type II certifications, and is the fastest, most secure and most reliable data recovery service in the world—guaranteed.

Get access to all of our certifications.

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Use of DriveSavers as a data recovery company is at the sole discretion of the customer. Seagate assumes no liability for any loss or damages of any kind that relate to, arise out of or result from the performance of services by DriveSavers, including, but not limited to any loss of data contained on a Seagate product.

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