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Press Release: Evolver and DriveSavers Form Strategic Alliance to Strengthen eDiscovery Services

WASHINGTON, DC – CSI 2009 Annual Conference (Booth # 215) October 26, 2009 — Evolver Legal Services, the leading ISO 9001 certified provider of electronic discovery services (eDiscovery), and DriveSavers, worldwide leader in data recovery services, jointly announced today the formation of a strategic business alliance to provide corporations and law firms with a legally defensible, end-to-end solution to help alleviate the complex challenges and risks associated with eDiscovery.

With the explosion and dependency of organizations on electronic data, new data formats, and stricter data protection regulations with tighter timeframes, enterprises are put at risk when they are required to respond to eDiscovery requests. To confidently manage the eDiscovery process, Evolver employs ISO-certified processes and comprehensive litigation risk management systems based on an objective analysis of legal, IT, compliance and records management functions.

Evolver has partnered with DriveSavers Data Recovery because of the high security data protection protocols they maintain and to leverage the recovery technologies in their state-of-the-art, ISO Class 5-certified Cleanroom. DriveSavers is the only data recovery company in the world that is SOC 2 Type II compliant. Their engineers have developed proprietary software and hardware tools to facilitate the recovery process, and are certified by leading encryption software vendors to properly recover lost data from encrypted files and drives. Together, Evolver and DriveSavers have the right combination of data collection, data analysis, data protection and legal expertise to build legally defensible approaches that will reduce the costs and risk associated with eDiscovery.

“We are excited at the opportunity to work with the worldwide leader in data recovery,” said Kris Haworth, managing director of Evolver Legal Services Division. “Having worked with DriveSavers for over 10 years, I am confident their best-in-class data recovery services will add tremendous value to Evolver’s litigation support offerings. Together, we can now provide our clients eDiscovery support from start to finish that is better, faster, secure and more cost effective.”

Under the agreement, DriveSavers will expand its current data recovery service offering to include a complete suite of eDiscovery services including: data collection, data processing, data export, document review and hosting, expert witness testimony, data analytics and litigation management. These services enable DriveSavers to mitigate risk and deliver clarity and detailed reporting to its client base.

“We are thrilled to join hands with Evolver’s Legal Services team, who are the top industry experts, and provide our customers with eDiscovery services,” said Michael Hall, CISO of DriveSavers Data Recovery. “For many of our corporate business customers, data loss is directly connected to data breach and/or theft. When these businesses contact us for data recovery, often times they are already involved in litigation. Therefore, it’s a natural extension for DriveSavers to offer electronic discovery services with Evolver’s litigation services.

For more information about DriveSavers Data Recovery and Evolver Legal Services, please stop by DriveSavers booth #215 or contact DriveSavers at 800-440-1904 or Evolver Legal Services at 415-839-0080.

About DriveSavers

DriveSavers is the worldwide leader in data recovery services and provides the fastest, most reliable and only certified SOC 2 Type II data recovery service—guaranteed. DriveSavers high security services adhere to U.S. Government security protocols to ensure that no data is ever compromised during data recovery. DriveSavers maintains the most technologically advanced Certified ISO Class 5 (Class 100) Cleanroom in the industry and is authorized to open drives by all major storage device manufacturers without voiding the warranty. DriveSavers engineers are certified, by leading encryption software vendors, to recover encrypted data from all storage devices and all operating systems. Satisfied customers include: Bank of America, Google, Lucasfilm, NASA, Harvard University, Salvation Army and The Rolling Stones. ()

About Evolver, Inc.

Evolver was established in December 2000 and is located in Reston, Virginia. We have successfully grown from an emergent small business to a solid, recognized solutions provider. Our clients span the globe from the UK, to North and Central America, to the Far East and include both federal and commercial accounts. Our services have expanded across the information technology spectrum including enterprise architecture, infrastructure management, application development, and legal services. Our tool set is comprehensive and our approach flexible which allows us to customize plans for each individual client. Using our ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System (QMS) and secure, in-place infrastructure, Evolver optimizes our performance and your results.

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