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Press Release: DriveSavers Sets The Standards for Data Recovery Industry

Not all data recovery companies are created equally: reliability and security matter!
Novato, CA – October 28, 2008

The data recovery industry has been saturated with unqualified companies (and individuals) who lure customers with powerful claims and low prices. Unfortunately, consumers and businesses are taking the bait and, as a result, are not getting their data back. To help customers identify a professional data recovery company from other less qualified, less secure data recovery providers, DriveSavers introduces industry standards for data recovery.

“When your data is critical and you can’t afford to lose it, a professional data recovery company is your best bet,” said Scott Gaidano, president of DriveSavers. “Because data recovery is a complex process; it requires special facilities, technology, equipment, parts and trained, certified engineers. Standards, that require PROOF, are the only way for a consumer to truly know whether a data recovery provider has what is necessary to optimize the process of recovering data safely.”

Dave Borgese, CompuCom Systems, vice president of service sales and delivery, comments, “We can count on DriveSavers to provide our customers with technically advanced data recovery services, exceptional customer service and quick recovery turnarounds. Their secure network environment gives our customers peace of mind that their data is safe during the recovery. It’s no surprise that DriveSavers is setting the standards for data recovery.”

DriveSavers has invested a significant amount of time and money in research, technology, equipment, new facilities, training and audits to ensure DriveSavers delivers the highest quality and most secure data recovery services available. DriveSavers developed these Standards to help customers determine if a data recovery service provider has adequate expertise, certifications and safeguards in place to recover, process and safeguard data. DriveSavers recommends that customers use The Standards below as a guide to identify a professional data recovery provider.

Cleanrooms are Certified ISO (International Organization for Standardization) – When a data storage device is open, even the tiniest airborne particles can cause the read-write heads to malfunction. If the read-write heads damage the device’s platters, valuable data will be lost forever. Having a certified ISO Class 5 (Class 100) Cleanroom ensures that these tiny particles are eliminated from the air and present no threat to an open drive.

DriveSavers invested over $2 million dollars to build the most technologically advanced Certified ISO Class 5, 6 vand 7 Cleanrooms dedicated strictly to data recovery. 
View DriveSavers ISO certifications.

Organizations Comply with Informational Technology Control Audits – Complying with auditing standards, such as Statement on Auditing Standards (SAS) 70, assures that every aspect of the facility and network is certified secure to protect personal and confidential data. Adhering to the Government Protocols and Corporate America’s requirements for overall control structure and assuring customers that their data is protected from a security breach is crucial during the data recovery process.
DriveSavers is the only data recovery provider that is SOC 2 Type II compliant. SOC 2 Type II is the most stringent and extensive security audit administered.
View DriveSavers SOC 2 Type II certification.

Establish a Certified Secure Network Environment – The need for strong, verifiable security measures is necessary for data recovery providers. The network needs to be able to prevent hacking activity and other network attacks before antivirus companies have time to develop new virus signatures to thwart them.
For the foundation of DriveSavers Certified Secure environment, the company employs the most sophisticated network security system, the Self-Defending Network. The network is protected by a “defense-in-depth” architecture that includes firewalls, intrusion protection systems, managed security services and 24/7 real-time monitoring.
See a case study about DriveSavers secure network written by Cisco.

Certified Training for Encryption Recoveries – There are hundreds of encryption tools available and each one is unique. If the integrity of encrypted data is a concern, data recovery technicians need to be trained and certified experts in multiple encryption recovery techniques and processes to recover data from encrypted files.
DriveSavers engineers have completed extensive training by the leading encryption software vendors and are certified experts in recovering encrypted files and restoring defective hard dives without compromising the original level of encryption. DriveSavers is certified by GuardianEdge®, Check Point® Pointsec®, PGP® and Utimaco Safeguard®.
View certifications for encryption recoveries.

Manufacturer Authorization – If a recovery service meets their criteria, technology manufacturers will authorize a data recovery company to open and work on their devices without voiding the original warranty.
All major storage device manufacturers recommend DriveSavers and authorize DriveSavers to open drives without voiding warranty. 
Please visit our “Manufacturers” landing page on our website

About DriveSavers
DriveSavers is the worldwide leader in data recovery services and provides the fastest, most reliable and only certified secure data recovery service—guaranteed. Certified SOC 2 Type II compliant, DriveSavers offers high security services and adheres to U.S. Government security protocols to ensure that no data is ever compromised during data recovery. DriveSavers maintains the most technologically advanced Certified ISO Class 5 (Class 100) Cleanroom in the industry and is authorized to open drives without voiding warranty by all major storage device manufacturers. DriveSavers engineers are certified, by leading encryption software vendors, to recover encrypted data from all storage devices and all operating systems. Satisfied customers include: Bank of America, Google, Lucasfilm, NASA, Harvard University, Salvation Army and The Rolling Stones. (

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