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Press Release: DriveSavers Data Recovery refreshes its partner program

25 July, 2007
By Liam Lahey

DriveSavers, a data recovery services provider, says it’s now offering an exclusive partner program with enhanced services, superior high security, volume discounts and 24/7 access to data recovery advisors for businesses ranging from small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) to Fortune 500 corporations.

“When data loss occurs, a company can quickly lose large amounts of irreplaceable information, which if never recovered, can ruin a business,” said Scott Gaidano, president of Novato, Calif.-based DriveSavers Data Recovery. “We want to help businesses keep running smoothly when their backup systems fail. Our program is designed to minimize downtime for companies when critical data loss occurs and prevent substantial financial, legal and productivity costs associated with lost data.”

Data in any business is its most important asset, therefore the cost of lost data can be staggering. A 2003 study by Strategic Resources Corp. estimated that the average hourly cost to recreate data is about $50,000 (U.S.), but the cost can range as high as $2 million for some e-commerce sites. Another study in 2003 from Pepperdine University estimated that data lost costs U.S. companies $18.2 billion dollars per year. The cost of lost data includes costs related to technical services for repair, lost productivity and the value of the actual data lost.

“The Business Partner Program is an enhancement of existing benefits our business partners already take advantage of and the introduction of new benefits that are being launched now in response to their current needs,” explained Scott Moyer, director of business development for DriveSavers. “In response to the market’s demand for increased data security, we recently upgraded and deployed a comprehensive and robust self-defending network system (the Cisco Self-Defending Network). Our engineer’s have obtained encryption certification and are experts at recovering data from encrypted hard drives. We can provide data destruction services when needed, and we have enhanced the speed and performance of our secure Internet data transfer service for international customers who require immediate access to recovered critical files.”

The new Cisco security solution gives DriveSavers the ability to meet the needs of corporate customers immediately, on initial contact, Moyer continued. Calling it a real business advantage when it comes to supporting big corporations and organizations with high-level security clearance requirements, he said customers want to know that their data is in good hands, and that DriveSavers’ Self-Defending Network with Cisco security helps give customers the highest comfort level.

“In addition to all these benefits, we are also offering volume discounts to support those companies that operate multiple branch locations, have hundreds or even thousands of users storing data on computer systems, and IT support staff that send in many drives over time,” he said. “We don’t sell data recovery software. We don’t offer backup solutions. We live or die by data recovery service alone. Our clean-room and logical data recovery engineers operate on the bleeding edge of data storage technology and often recover data that other companies cannot.”

Trained data recovery advisors answer every call within five rings he said, and there is no call waiting or call routing and no answering machines. “These professionals can handle questions asked by the novice computer user and the seasoned IT managing multi-terabyte systems,” he said. “For someone that has lost critical data, speaking to a real person who can quickly move them through the process of reconnecting them with their data is invaluable.”

DriveSavers Business Partner Program offers businesses a turnkey solution to lost or inaccessible data. The program’s benefits include the reportedly fastest standard turnaround time in the industry — 24 to 48 hours, worldwide access 24 hours a day, seven days a week, direct access to data recovery engineers, high security services that adhere to U.S. government security standards, and automatic volume discounts for all branch locations worldwide.

Moreover, partners would receive customized programs tailored to businesses’ specific needs, data destruction services available upon request, a dedicated data recovery account representative to help customize services, free training on data recovery “best practices” to prevent additional damage to drives, free quarterly newsletters containing data recovery tips, technology updates and best practices, free return shipping, and no program sign-up fees.

“Protecting customer information is not just for banks anymore; it is a critical need for many businesses. Becoming a Cisco partner and offering managed security services has elevated our business and what we offer to our customers,” Daley said.

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