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Press Release: DriveSavers Data Recovery Launches Free iPhone Application

Hard drive simulator lets you SEE, FEEL and HEAR drives crash and burn

Novato, CA (June 10, 2009) – DriveSavers,, the worldwide leader in data recovery services, is pleased to introduce DriveSaver, the first iPhone application developed by a professional data recovery company. The free application is a hard drive simulator that educates users about hard drive data storage technology, best practices for protecting digital data and data recovery solutions. This virtual environment demonstrates the mechanics of a working hard drive and simulates hard drive crashes. DriveSaver is fun, educational and useful to anyone who ever wanted to see inside a hard drive or learn why drives fail.

The most popular feature of the simulator is Crash a Hard Drive. Users can actually see, hear and feel a hard drive crash and learn the reasons why it failed. The application simulates various types of hard drive failures, from watching the drive shatter into pieces to seeing a circuit board go up in smoke chip-by-chip. The Hard Drive Demo, using the iPhone touch-screen, enables users to explore the different parts of the drive and its uses. And, if data loss does occur, DriveSaver can help prevent catastrophic loss by providing do’s and don’ts for data recovery.

“Initially, we developed this application as an internal reference tool for our partners. It is designed to educate IT professionals and their customers about hard drive storage technology and data recovery,” said Scott Gaidano, president of DriveSavers. “It was so well received that we decided to release it to the public for free. Anyone with an iPhone can experience the disastrous feelings, sights and sounds of an actual hard drive crash.”
DriveSaver application is currently available on iTunes and in the Utilities and Productivity categories of the iPhone App Store, and is compatible with any iPhone or iPod touch.

To learn more about DriveSavers and the DriveSaver application, please visit or call 800.440.1904.
To download DriveSaver iPhone application, click here.

About DriveSavers

DriveSavers is the worldwide leader in data recovery services and provides the fastest, most reliable and only certified SOC 2 Type II compliant data recovery service in the industry—guaranteed. DriveSavers High Security Service adheres to U.S. Government security protocols. Critical data will not be compromised during our data recovery process. DriveSavers maintains the most technologically advanced Certified ISO Class 5 (Class 100) Cleanroom in the industry and is authorized to open drives by all major storage device manufacturers without voiding the warranty. DriveSavers engineers are certified, by leading encryption software vendors, to properly and safely recover encrypted data from all storage devices and all operating systems. Satisfied customers include: Bank of America, Google, Lucasfilm, NASA, Harvard University, Salvation Army and The Rolling Stones. ()

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