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Video: See Why Micron Technology Trusts DriveSavers

OEMs Like Micron Trust DriveSavers with their Proprietary and Intellectual Property

By Michael Hall, Chief Information Security Officer
and Chris Bross, Chief Information Officer


Technology is constantly changing and evolving. In order to provide data recovery for all devices and all operating systems, our Research and Development Department regularly collaborates with all major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the data storage industry.
Because each manufacturer constructs their devices with unique components and configurations, it is imperative that our data recovery engineers have in-depth knowledge of each OEM’s proprietary metadata structures and hardware. The trust and relationships we have nurtured with these manufacturers over the past thirty-two years have given DriveSavers the leading edge in understanding all data storage devices.
Technical alliances with manufacturers have enabled our engineers to develop techniques, tools and technologies that aid in data recovery from solid state drives (SSDs), hard disk drives (HDDs), smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets, redundant arrays of independent disks (RAIDs) and more complex hybrid and tiered storage environments.

Affiliations with Manufacturers—Just to Name a Few

DriveSavers has developed strategic technical relationships with prominent SSD and component manufacturers such as SanDisk, SandForce, Kingston, OWC, OCZ and many others. In addition to SSD OEMs, Canon, Kodak, Nikon, Olympus, Sony and all major digital camera memory card manufacturers refer their customers to DriveSavers.
Thanks to our close relationships and valuable partnerships with these manufacturers, DriveSavers has taken the lead in SSD recovery success rates as well as all other types of data storage devices. DriveSavers is authorized by all major OEMs to disassemble a device as needed during the data recovery process, without voiding the original warranty.

Security is Key

The security control objectives established at DriveSavers are designed to satisfy the stringent security requirements and audits mandated by the corporate clients and government agencies we serve, as well as provide the trust necessary for our OEM partners to share confidential and proprietary knowledge and technology with our engineers.
OEMs are comfortable sharing their proprietary and intellectual property with DriveSavers to help us in our research and development for data recovery. They know that DriveSavers is dedicated to stellar security and that the same security practices we apply for our customers’ data will also be applied to their intellectual property.
Everything we do at DriveSavers is designed to recover critical data in the safest way possible. Just as important as safely recovering customer data is protecting it from hacking, theft and malware infection. While our physical location is monitored around the clock 24/7, inside we’ve taken great care to guard your data by installing a secure, monitored network that protects against outside threats.
An annual SOC 2 Type II audit assures that every aspect of the facility and network are certified secure to protect personal and confidential data. SOC 2 Type II is the most stringent and extensive security audit administered, verifying that our data hosting control objectives and control activities are in place, suitably designed, enforced and operating effectively to achieve all desired security control objectives.
DriveSavers guarantees compliance with the privacy and security regulations and requirements of any organization. Every service option offered by DriveSavers meets the data loss prevention and data security/data privacy protocols mandated within SOX, GLBA and HIPAA regulations, among others.

Micron Agrees

At Flash Memory Summit 2017, John Tanguy, Sr. Product Engineer at Micron Technology, a manufacturer of SSD and flash technology, was asked a pointed question by Mike McKean, Director at Encore Semi, a technology resource for flash memory manufacturers.


John—I think we live in this really cool space right now where there’s a healthy tension, let’s say, between the drive makers, solution providers like us—we do a lot of security implementations—and then the data recovery industry. You know, we’re all kind of trying to help each other out. We can’t always do that overtly, and we certainly don’t want to help the bad guys out in the process. So, how do you see that evolving? Can we continue to help each other out in a way that we don’t further enable the bad guys?


Yes—absolutely. I think that the issue we have, obviously, is that the way the drive works at a very basic level is the value add that we give as drive manufactures, and so we want to protect that—our value add, our intellectual property—as much as possible.
But, the level of confidence we have in sharing information with the major recovery firms like DriveSavers is that they’re already well attuned to the idea of protecting data that is confidential. A lot of the data that they have that they are recovering in the course of doing their business is already confidential and they are well attuned to keeping that data secure, keeping it confidential for their customers.

Trust the Data Recovery Experts

Our engineers have the in-depth knowledge and technical expertise that comes from over 30 years of data recovery experience, allowing us to achieve the highest success rate in the industry.
DriveSavers routinely rescues data from mechanical drive failures, physical damage, data corruption, dropped, burned and wet drives for individuals and organizations of all sizes. As the leader in the industry, we consistently recover data that other service providers have deemed lost forever.
When it comes to trusting your intellectual property to an outside source, you can trust DriveSavers. Major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) do. Micron does. You can too.

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