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Tamara Rubin: Thank you DriveSavers!

Originally published by Tamara Rubin.
Every now and then I like to take a moment to shout out a BIG “Thank you” to a special friend, fan or follower. Today I’d like to put my friends at DriveSavers Data Recovery in the spotlight!
In life’s journey you never know where you are going to end up, who you are going to meet along the way and how that person might impact your journey.
Scott Gaidano was the Founder of DriveSavers and was a friend since the early 1990s. We met going to “Macs of Marin” meetings – which were sort of an early Northern-California-counter-culture-fringe-y support group of Mac computer super-geeks. This was even before I started my first business in San Rafael doing computer consulting, FileMaker Pro database design and nonprofit project management (Budgett Consulting).
Over the years, our friendship grew and we shared stories and fun times (my son Colescott was especially impressed by the opportunity to sit in Scott’s Ferrari at a very young age, after which he was obsessed with cars for several years!)… and we were close enough that Scott would offer me very personal advice [like, “Don’t marry that new guy, Len — you just met him!” (Len & I just celebrated our 16th anniversary.)]
While I have worked as a consultant on database projects for clients like Nike, Kaiser and Starbucks… a highlight of my computer consulting career was actually doing a database repair project FOR DriveSavers more than 16 years ago! – (being locked in their HQ overnight with a security guard until the job was done!)
Scott passed away a few years ago, but even years after his passing, the company he co-founded helped me out and recovered a dead hard disk’s lost data critical to my lead poisoning prevention advocacy work — data that I wouldn’t have been able to move forward without. With all that has been going on with my advocacy in the past year or so I haven’t yet taken a moment to properly thank them!

Thank you Scott (I miss you), thank you Sandia! (you’re the best, sorry we don’t connect more often – come visit in Portland any time!), thank you Jay (for continuing Scott’s work helping good causes!) and thank you everyone else at DriveSavers for all you do helping so many people every day! [Next time I am in Marin I want to bring you a big batch of homemade cookies!]
And while the following might sound like some kind of promotional spot, it’s not, it’s just honest advice from one who has been there:
To all of my friends and fans out there: BACK.UP.YOUR.DATA! And once you back it up, make a SECOND backup! And store at least one copy OFF-SITE (someplace theft-proof, fire-proof, and flood-proof).
And if you ever need data recovery services please consider DriveSavers! They’re the BEST! (They do classified recoveries for the Feds, airplane black-box data recovery, they’re the go-to guys for Hollywood filmmakers and celebrities, and yes, they still find time to accept jobs like recovering grandma’s lost photo albums!)
As always, thank you for reading, and thank you to each and every one of you who has supported me in this unexpected advocacy journey! Please let me know if I can ever do anything for you, any time!
Tamara Rubin
Unexpected Lead Expert
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