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Mother’s Day: Help Mom Protect Her Tech

How much understanding does your mom have of her devices? This Mother’s Day, give her the gift of your knowledge by helping her protect her tech. Here are a few articles to inspire ideas.

Best Backup Solutions

Your mom has probably heard of a backup before, but does she really know what it is or how to perform it?
Go through this article together to figure out what is the best backup solution for your mom. Is she better off with an SSD or HDD external? Or does she need something more long-term like an archival M-Disk? Should she pair her physical backup with a cloud service? This article provides the right questions to narrow down the choices and come to the best decision.
In addition, this article explains the 3, 2, 1 backup strategy so Mom can better understand why a backup is even necessary in the first place.
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Technically Speaking of Spring Cleaning

Help your mom with basic maintenance on her desktop or laptop computer that she may not know how to do herself. Make sure your mom’s devices are virus-free, that she is protected against malware, that her operating system is up to date and more. Use this article as a checklist as you do a little belated spring cleaning on your mom’s computer.
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Spring Cleaning for your Smartphone

Does your mom know how to close out apps that are running in the background on her phone? Does she know how to delete apps she doesn’t use anymore? Does she even know how to organize her apps so she can find what she wants when she wants it? You’d be surprised how many people don’t know how to do any of these things. And those are the easy ones!
Like with her computer, your mom may not know how to perform basic maintenance on her smartphone. Use this article as a checklist to help her out.
Read Spring Cleaning for Your Smartphone

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