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Meet Sam, like many, he works on his computer every day and stores all of his most important information on his hard drive including irreplaceable pictures, accounting, and contact information.

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • No Data / No Charge


Suddenly Sam’s computer freezes, he goes into panic mode. Sam has a project due – ASAP and he doesn’t have a backup.

  • Computer freezes
  • No backup

Sam goes online and calls around, everyone keeps mentioning DriveSavers who have over 3 decades of experience recovering data from all device types and all data loss situations.

The DriveSavers Data Recovery Advisor understands how frustrating and devastating it can be for Sam to lose his data.

  • 3 decades of experience
  • All device types — all data loss situations

DriveSavers emails Sam a free overnight shipping label and a quote, when Sam’s device arrives at DriveSavers, the engineers will perform a free evaluation and Sam will receive a written estimate.

  • Free Shipping
  • Free Evaluation

Get Started

Sam is happy that it is so simple. He likes that DriveSavers is available 24/7, recovers data from all media types, and if the data is unrecoverable there is no charge. He is also relieved that he can start the process of recovering his data today.

  • Available 24/7
  • No Data — No Charge

The advisor cautions Sam to avoid the chance of damaging the data by booting the drive or trying recovery software. Further use of the device can cause permanent loss.

Sam is assured that DriveSavers is the best in the industry and reminded that the first attempt is the best chance to get all his data back.

  • Avoid rebooting
  • Avoid recovery software

Knowing that DriveSavers pioneered the data recovery industry in 1985, is recommended by all major storage device manufactures, and has helped hundreds of thousands of customers recover their data, Sam is now relieved and sends his hard drive to DriveSavers.

  • Highest success rate since 1985
  • Highly recommended

You, like Sam, can call DriveSavers 24/7, day or night, to get a risk-free estimate. We will email a free shipping label then call with the results of the evaluation and the cost to recover the data. If the data is unrecoverable your cost is zero dollars.

  • Risk-free estimate
  • Free shipping label
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