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DriveSavers delivers electronic discovery solutions that are legally defensible, repeatable and auditable. As recognized legal experts, we are prepared to assist clients from initial document preservation to file processing and from collection to production. Our customized solutions help our customers control costs and manage the collection, processing, review and production of electronically stored information (ESI).

Data Collection

ESI can, and normally is, located on multiple sources including: computers, tablets, cell phones, USB storage devices, digital cameras, hard drives, servers, web pages, etc. Certified computer forensic specialists can accommodate all ESI platforms and utilize best practices to identify, preserve, recover, collect, analyze and authenticate all forms of ESI. Our process for data collection minimizes disruption, maintains appropriate documentation, ensures compliance and provides assurance that data gathered is both defined and accurate.

Data Collection services include:

  • Assistance with the identification of potentially responsive content
  • Preservation of relevant ESI
  • Cradle-to-grave chain of data custody documentation
  • Preservation of data integrity

Data Processing

Utilizing forensically sound best practices, DriveSavers quickly and efficiently processes ESI for attorney review. Advanced processing capabilities allow us to accurately reduce large volumes of ESI from multiple sources and formats, enabling us to identify and prioritize the most relevant data.

Data Processing services include:

  • File-level de-duplication/de-NISTing
  • Corrupt and password protected file identification and documentation
  • Explosion of compressed files
  • Parent-child relationship (email threading) maintained
  • Complete Unicode and foreign language capabilities
  • Data searching
    • Boolean
    • Keyword
    • Metadata

Data Export

To meet matter-specific production requirements, we produce ESI in a variety of standard formats and are capable of delivering data for in-house document review or hosted review within an industry leading, hosted review tool. Data can be exported in TIFF, native or PDF formats and all major load file platforms.

Data Review and Hosting

DriveSavers offers a hosted, web-based document review and management solution designed to support corporate legal departments and law firms during the toughest phase of litigation and discovery. Our solution supports native review, native imaging, as well as TIFFs and paper-based data. Integrated production tools and a customizable workflow component allow clients to manage their documents throughout the process.

Customized Litigation

Support Services

For additional eDiscovery solutions offered through DriveSavers, or to develop services specific to your needs, call our eDiscovery advisors at 800.440.1904.

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