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Forensic Experts From DriveSavers to Speak at HTCIA 2015

The annual HTCIA trade show, the largest conference for cyber security and DFIR professionals, will be held at Rosen Single Creek Resort in Orlando, FL from August 30–September 2, 2015. Digital forensic experts from DriveSavers will be participating in two speaking engagements, listed below.

Advanced Forensic Capabilities for Mobile Device Recovery

Tuesday, September 1 at 1:00 p.m.

Presenters: Chris Bross, chief technology officer at DriveSavers, and Ronen Engler, senior manager of technology and innovation at Cellebrite.

In some cases, there are extenuating circumstances that complicate acquiring an image from a suspect phone. Maybe the device has been physically smashed, submerged in salt water or has a unique hardware failure that prevents you from accessing the evidence locked inside. A professional forensic data recovery laboratory can assist. Proprietary techniques and tools are required to resolve the most complex scenarios. We’ll look at some of those processes and capabilities, and share relevant case studies from the lab. Attendees will take away an awareness of the new commercial tools and lab-based services that can be utilized to assist in recovering needed evidence from smart devices.

Wearable Technology: What You Don’t Know is What You Need to Know

Tuesday, September 1 at 3:30 p.m.

Presenters: Chris Bross, chief technology officer at DriveSavers, Rene Novoa, digital forensic manager at DriveSavers and 2nd vice president of the Bay Area chapter of HTCIA, and Kimberly Quan, director at Navigant Consulting

Wearable Technology is changing the internet-connected world of digital devices, the privacy and protection of personal information and the potential value of that data as evidence in forensic investigations. You may not be aware or capable of dealing with the variety of these devices and the complexity of acquiring data from them. New wearable devices are announced daily, from health-and performance-monitoring Fitbit wristbands to GoPro cameras, Google Glass, police body cameras, the new Apple Watch and all of the competitors that will soon follow. Every new device brings with it new capabilities and vulnerabilities. And this is just the beginning!

The users of these wearable devices are not aware of how they work and are clueless to the risk of sharing their personal data wirelessly, unencrypted and over social media for potentially the whole world to see. These devices may also contain and potentially transmit HIPAA or other compliance regulated data, or other sensitive PI, to unintended recipients. Wearable devices can record data from a user’s fitness app that tracks their exercise, the route they run and other info that may be useful to a predator interested in pursuing a potential victim. They mark GPS coordinates, take photos, record audio, measure heart rate and likely capture the time of death of the wearer.

Attendees to this lecture will gain an awareness of the challenges ahead with these wearable technologies. They will also learn about when these devices may contain unique data sets that cannot be acquired from a local sync or backups to their Smart device, computer or cloud-hosted partner. Case studies and examples will be reviewed with relevant current products and Q&A will be provided.

DriveSavers Exhibit Booth #325

DriveSavers will be an exhibitor at HTCIA. If after these sessions you still have questions for Chris or Rene, stop by booth #325 to speak with them personally.


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